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A Small Overview of Service Professional Entrepreneur Alumni you may recognize

Scott 'Gonzo' Weaver

Superior Auto Electric. Episode 109. Author and writer of "Gonzo's Tool Box" and Diagnostician.

Ron Haugen

Westside Auto Pros. Strong marketer and training culture. Episode 107. 

Amy Mattinat

Auto Craftsman from Montpelier, VT, episode 13. Amy is also president of the Car Care Councils Women's Board. Hear her also in episode 22.

Dave Kusa

Autotrend Diagnostics, San Francisco, knows that customer communication is key to high customer ratings. President of ASCCA. Episode 127.

Greg Buckley

Buckley's Car Care, Wilmington, DE ATI Coach. In episode 19, entrepreneur interview and episode 60 ON-POINT interview on marketing and technology.

Bill Nalu

Intersate Auto Care from  Madison Heights, MI featured in Episode 39. Great lessons from his dad.

Carolyn Coquillette

Owner of Luscious Garage, San Francisco, CA  is a hybrid shop owner shares her passion for being green, hi-tech and cutting edge. Episode 149.

Donny Seyfer

Seyfer Automotive, Wheat Ridge, CO a 3rd generation business. Donny is also featured in episode 30 as ASA Chairman.

Frank Scandura

Frank’s European in Las Vegas Nevada shares his story of what happens when you put your people and customers first? Episode 163.

Joe Sevart

I70 Auto Service. NAPA ASE Technician of the year 2014. Epsiode 50

Scott Waddle

Precision Auto Service in Langley, BC.  Fixing cars is easy. People are the challenge. Episode 141.

Kim Aurenheimer

Kim Auernheimer from CS Automotive. Married Partner Series. Episode 113.

A Small Overview of the industry thought leaders that have shared their wisdom, ideas and passion:

Brian Cruickshank

Director of the University of the Aftermarket at Northwood University. Episode 75

Trish Serratore

Sr. Vice President of ASE and President of NATEF & AYES. Heard in episodes 43 & 47.

Jim Murphy

Business coach with Elite Worldwide. Episode 41.

Sheri Hamilton, AAM

Executive Director, ASA – Midwest . Conference Manager VISION HiTech Training & Expo.  Episode 84.

Bill Hanvey

Interviewed as Sr. Vice President ASA about parts warranty. Bill is now President/CEO of the Auto Care Association. Episode 51.

Bobby Bassett

Manager of Training North America for Gates Corporation. Simple Solution to Minimize Cooling System Comebacks. Episode 182.

Tony Molla

Vice-President ASA featured in two episode's to include one on the 21st Century Repair Shop. Episodes 66 & 72.

Jeff Peevy

President of Automotive Management Institute (AMI). All about training. Episode 77.

Donna Wagner

Donna Wagner is Chair of the Aftermarket Management Program & Professor at Northwood University. Episode 102.

ASE Round Table

ASE Round Table. Everything you wanted to know about the ASE Tests, but weren’t sure who to ask!  Episode 122.

Maylan Newton

ESI- Educational Seminars Institute. Are you prepared to walk away from your business today and have it survive? Episode 140.

Bob Greenwood

Speaker, Trainer and business coach for service professionals. Episode 49.

The Aftermarket's Largest Library of Audio Content for Personal and Business Insights, Ideas and Inspiration

Your Host and the different types of content interviews:


Carm Capriotto

Carm brings his 35+ years of aftermarket experience to bear on driving strong content for his listeners in this audio learning lab format. More: go to About Page.

Carm Capriotto 1-002

Service Professional Entrepreneur Interview

Great stories of success and wisdom for all in the aftermarket to appreciate, respect and learn from. Sometimes referred to as an audio bachelors degree program from the school of hard knocks.

Auto Care Industry Thought Leader

From associations, business coaches, thought leaders, trainers, movers and shakers these interviews cover hot topics pertinent to current trends and needs. ON-POINT Series.

Tech Talk

A series with our industries professional technicians. What makes them tic, where they see the industry heading and the impact of technology on their careers.

Town Hall Academy

A weekly Webinar Forum with a single subject each week in discussion with up to 3 guests. Held every Friday at Noon EST and broadcast LIVE on Facebook. Register once for the Webinar here.  All Webinars are re-purposed on the Learning Page.

For The Record

A platform to say what is top of mind. A short but intense rhapsody from a peer. This is in the style of the OP/ED section of your newspaper. The intention is to push a few boundaries and create a future dialogue. These short opines will get you thinking.

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Ipad ear buds computerYour time is valuable,  that’s why technology allows us to work smarter and multiply the results. Your episode is published as a podcast because podcasting provides significant advantages over traditional radio broadcasting. Your featured episode is saved as a digital media file. Each audio file lives permanently on our server and can be found on this website, through search engines and via Social Media as well as through our Apple iTunes and Google Play podcast feeds.

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This new national survey from Edison* Research and Triton Digital found that the audience for all forms of online radio is now 36% of all Americans age 12 and older, or 94 million weekly listeners in the U.S.

* “The continued penetration of smartphones in America is changing behavior significantly,” noted Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research. “We are now seeing activities that were dominated by desktop usage in 2013, flip dramatically to become mobile behaviors. For millions of Americans, the smartphone has become ‘the first screen.’”shift_to_mobile

2014 marks the year when more Internet traffic was sent to and from mobile devices than from desktop computers. On Demand Radio 4Understanding the trend toward mobile will only increase in the coming years, we built a responsive website meaning that it determines which kind of device the visitor is using and dynamically changes the display to accurately match their device and keep visitors on our website longer.

What exactly is Podcasting?

  • Podcasting is community. Listeners are dedicated aftermarket professionals who want to learn from each other and share their remarkable results.
  • Podcasting is a techie name that married the iPod and broadcasting.
  • Podcasting is a medium of intimacy, connection and storytelling.
  • Can be listened to just about anywhere an internet connection exists from desktop computers to laptops, tablets, smartphones and downloaded for later listening.

Who Listens?

Entrepreneur Shop Owners, Technicians, Jobber and WD principles and staff, manufacturers, auto care industry professionals and future entrepreneur shop owners.


Finding “the surprise” inside the CrackerJack Box 
November 26, 2015 by beeze78 from United States        Carm is taking the lid off of the independent automotive aftermarket and shining lights where they haven’t been shown before. Each episode is filled with guests that share a amazing amount of insight so that others can learn from. With Carm’s style of interviewing and his “smooth jazz” voice, he’s able to get the true personality of his guest out onto the airwaves. Every episode is filled with gems that we can take back and use in our shops immediately. It’s like finding that surprise toy buried in that box of Cracker Jack’s. Every box there’s something different.

On Point
June 12, 2015 by Miteyguy from United States        Carm is very insightful, he gets to the heart of the matter in very candid conversation. He also stays up to date on technology and social media trends. His industry specific interviews are right on point and very helpful. Every shop owner should tune in!

Great natural radio personality!
May 21, 2015 by Greekfire15 from United States       Carm has a natural, easy interviewing style that makes these interviews fun and interesting to listen to. It's kind of like Car Talk, but instead of cars and issues, it really goes after aftermarket shop talk; getting to sit down with successful car shop owners and hear about how they manage their shop, techs, and stand out. Great work! 

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