I’ll Get To It!

A busy person lives in an “I’ll get to it” world. I may be guilty of this.🙂 Is it possible that we are also great procrastinators? Is it a way to avoid doing something?

Procrastination is a common human trait. We all have the need to procrastinate from time to time, and it can be because of fear, lack of motivation, or losing interest in the task at hand.

Psychologists say that procrastination is a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety, allowing us to escape what makes us feel anxious and uncomfortable.

But there comes a time when you look at your to-do list and goals for your family, business, and relationships, and you say, “I’ve done nothing to advance or improve them.” 

Is it time to implement some critical items on your goal or to-do list? I’ve talked with technician trainers that know the number one benefit of attending training is practicing what you learned. Should every tech that went to training give a 20-minute overview of the class they attended to their peers and explain how they will use what they learned? Don’t let this go unused.

What about your business margins, average repair order, labor rate, shop efficiency, productivity, and repair order audits? All these important measures needed to run a successful business float there until you pay attention to them. Yeah, I know ‘You’ll get to it.’

Every podcast we release, every webinar you attend, every networking meeting you participate in, and every conference you attend has the making of an improvement recipe. All you gotta do is ‘Get to it.’ 

Think about the training you’ve attended, the conferences and networking. Are you implementing the list of ‘ideas or must-dos because they were important to you when you wrote them? Get that yellow pad out and get it done.

About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

Carm is the founder and host of the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast and the pioneer of automotive aftermarket podcasts. Carm calls on his years of experience in the aftermarket to bring engaging stories from his guests.

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