Give Me 10 Update: Collaboration with Education [AW 186]

“Give Me 10 Mission: To provide a work-based learning model that any industry can utilize to bridge the skills gap. Combining classroom instruction with on the job work based learning opportunities. This program integrates the classroom with employers to create an introduction to a career path of the student’s choice.

The program simplifies the relationship between an industry lead business and vocational education that can lead into a career path. We ask for no money. Our “ask” is for your time. Time to integrate a student into your business to create a career fit. It starts with 10 hours and can grow into a new employee. Can you “Give Me Ten?”

Sue Dixon, the creator of the “Give Me Ten” program, discusses the importance of collaboration between the automotive industry and education. The “Give Me Ten” program, which exposes students to the automotive industry and helps them explore potential career paths, is highlighted. The discussion also covers the need for updated curriculums, industry involvement, and the success of the “Give Me Ten” program in providing work-based learning experiences.

Sue Dickson, Closs Tire & Auto Repair Inc, Waukegan, IL Sue’s previous episodes HERE

Show Notes:

  • Watch Full Video HERE
  • The importance of collaboration with education (00:00:40) Discussion about the need for collaboration between the automotive industry and education to promote career pathways and work-based learning opportunities for students.
  • Career pathways endorsement in education (00:03:30) Explanation of the career pathways endorsement in education, which requires students to complete 60 hours of career work-based learning in the transportation cluster.
  • The “Give Me Ten” program (00:04:50) Introduction of the Give Me Ten program, which aims to simplify engagement between businesses and education by providing 10 hours of work-based learning opportunities for students to explore potential career paths in the automotive industry.
  • The importance of collaboration between industry and education (00:09:15) Discussion about the need for collaboration between the automotive industry and education to update curriculums and provide work-based learning opportunities.
  • Simplifying work-based learning and engaging businesses (00:13:02) Explanation of the importance of simplifying work-based learning and engaging businesses to create career pathways for students, with a focus on liability and industry standards.
  • Starting the collaboration (00:19:47) Sue Dixon explains how to start building the Give Me Ten program in your own community and the support they provide, including a free consultation.

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