From Luscious Garage to Earthling Automotive: A Rebranding Journey [RR 837]

Recorded Live at Vision 2023, Carolyn Coquillette, founder of Luscious Garage and CEO of Shop-Ware, discusses rebranding her business from Luscious Garage to Earthling Automotive. She talks about the challenges of choosing a new name and logo and moving to a new location. Earthling Automotive will also be a training center for EVs and hybrids.

Carolyn Coquillette, Earthling Automotive, San Francisco, CA. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Shop-Ware. Listen to Carolyn’s other episodes HERE.

Show Notes

  • Rebranding from Luscious Garage to Earthling Automotive- the process of rebranding her business, including choosing a new name and logo.
  • Moving to a New Location- Carolyn talks about moving her business to a new location that is outside of the congested area of San Francisco, making it easier for customers to access.
  • Earthling Automotive Training Center Carolyn discusses using the old location for EV and hybrid training
  • Electric and Hybrid Cars- the increasing popularity of electric and hybrid cars, the commitments of automakers, and the impact on the automotive industry.
  • Carolyn’s Year as the ASCCA President- challenges your leadership skills to activate and inspire people that are volunteers, collaboration, what is motivating? Support from shop owners and corporate partners
  • Carolyn’s time management- Carolyn talks about the importance of time management and how she balances her time between her repair shop and Shop-Ware.
  • Shop-Ware- Carolyn talks about her role as CEO of Shop-Ware and how the team she has built allows her to continue innovating in her own repair shop.

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