Are You Addicted to Social Media? [RR 938]

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Recorded Live at Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo, Carm Capriotto, alongside shop owner Kim Auernheimer and industry professional Tracy Capriotto, dive into a myriad of topics relevant to the industry. They reflect on the evolution of the industry and the significance of the Women in Auto Care conference. Kim discusses her journey managing multiple shop locations and the nuances of catering to different communities, while Tracy offers insights on the benefits of personality tests like DISC for workplace harmony. The trio also examines the double-edged sword of social media’s role in both personal and professional realms, advocating for a more intentional and productive use of the platforms. This episode is a trove of wisdom, emphasizing continuous personal growth and adaptation in a digitally-driven world.

Kim Auernheimer, CS Automotive, 2 locations, TN. Listen to Kim’s Episodes HERE.

Show Notes

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  • The Women in Auto Care conference (00:00:42) Discussion about the annual Women in Auto Care conference, the value of self-growth, and the camaraderie of women in the industry.
  • Shop ownership and expansion (00:01:57) Conversation about shop ownership, the acquisition of a struggling shop, and the differences between two shop locations.
  • Understanding personality tests (00:06:08) Discussion about the DISC personality test, its significance, and how it helps in understanding oneself and others.
  • Impact of social media (00:12:21) Reflection on the impact of social media on personal and professional lives, the excessive consumption of social media, and the need to create more and consume less.
  • Social Media and Work-Life Balance (00:16:22) Discussion about the impact of social media on personal and professional lives, work-life balance, and the pursuit of validation through likes and comments.
  • Authenticity on Social Media (00:17:52) Exploration of the trap of seeking affirmation through social media, the pressure to present a perfect life, and the importance of authenticity in online interactions.
  • Influence of Social Media (00:20:02) Reflections on the addictive nature of social media, the impact of following strangers, and the trend of using filters and photo manipulation to create an idealized image.
  • Challenges and Social Media (00:23:10) Insights on dealing with challenges and pain points, embracing change, and the need for internal motivation in the face of social media pressures.
  • Social Media and Connection (00:27:02) Discussion on the loss of genuine human connection due to social media, the importance of vulnerability and genuine interaction, and the superficiality of online communication.
  • Social Media Addiction (00:29:10) Exploration of the potential addiction to social media, the tendency to live vicariously through others, and the impact of social media on isolation and escapism.

Thanks to our Partner, NAPA Auto Care

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