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RR 163: Frank Scandura from Frank’s European

Oct 24, 2016

What happens when you put your people and customers first?

Frank Scandura of Frank’s European in Las Vegas Nevada was fortunate to make the transition from technician to service writer to entrepreneur. Many service professionals never find the degree of success that Frank has achieved, without the transition from working in your business to working on it.

Frank credits reading the E-Myth by Michael Gerber among the many choices he made to put him on the right path to sustainable success. His company mission, posted on a wall in his waiting room, spells out his commitment to his customers.

Frank shares his passion for his customer and team, and the many ways he leads this strong organization. This interview is filled with influential insights, trend and best practices.


RR 162: Rodger Bland, GEARS Magazine Editor

Oct 20, 2016

Do you accept a level of underachievement?

Rodger Bland is a lifelong pursuer of his full potential. For the past twenty years he has dedicated a large part of his life’s energy towards the study of success. He’s learned that even the most successful among us, seldom if ever, realize their true full potential in life.

Learn about the five key principles from his ‘What’s Working’ studies. Rodger found that the top people and companies have these five traits. Attitude, Vision/Planning/Goal Setting, Processes and Systems, Hiring, People of Actions.

Hear Rodger discuss them and hear about his latest research and seminar highlights on ‘Successful Thinking: Awakening to Mindfulness’. The Gears Magazine editor and speaker brings an inspiring message to the aftermarket.


RR 161: John Miller from Freedom Automotive

Oct 17, 2016

John Miller says, “It is an ongoing educational experience to work on cars”.

John Miller owner of Freedom Automotive in Stafford, TX is a successful baby boomer shop owner who shows no signs of quitting. Besides the shop he is a weekly radio show and writer and editor for Shop Talk, the Houston ASA monthly.

John learned a long time ago if you never understand how it works you’ll never be able to fix it. That maxim has driven his desire to learn every day. Honesty he says is the most important character trait you can have in business. He says, “Honest makes your trip to Kroger’s easy because you don’t have to duck to miss a customer”.

John brings his strong opinions on training, technology and his future plans and how he credits his wife for his success. John also speaks to overcoming his personal addiction to alcohol.


RR 160: Ray Fisher from ASA Michigan

Oct 13, 2016

Executive Director talks about technician & shop licensing, safety inspections and autonomous cars.

ASA Michigan Executive Director, Ray Fisher, is very passionate about serving his members.

Leaders like Ray Fisher are strong advocates for the industry, but as he points out, every member of the industry needs to be involved. It is a team effort to help our legislators understand the impact of the rules/laws they are creating and the effect it has on businesses and the motoring public.

The interview covers how Michigan is working on prototype legislation for technician licensing along with Ray’s viewpoint on who should be the testing source. Ray talks autonomous car legislation and how he is looking to protect the independents.

Other important topics covered are repair facility licensing, safety inspections and why getting involved in your legislature and state association is such an important part of your personal responsibility as an industry player.


RR 159: Jason Malo form Advanced Automotive Performance

Oct 10, 2016

Brothers Jason and Luke Malo shopped their business plan and no bank would help them.

Jason Malo (pictured) and his brother Luke started 10 years ago with a loan from their parents. With their experience in management and fixing cars, they created a business plan and took the plunge. This is a story of how they pulled together and made it work. Never easy but steady.

Their business plan was their guide and they never looked back. Jason was a beta site for a DVI system, and has gained confidence to take bigger steps. He is a pure outside the box thinker and learns from audio books and podcasts.

Jason has a strong opinion on how to fix the technician shortage and who the players will be in the next 5 years. Jason Malo says there will be great opportunities for shop owners who are planning to stay current.


RR 158: Tom Meyers

Oct 6, 2016

NAPA ASE Technician of the year, 2009, in Chicagoland has a career that spans 40 years and still does it all; but loves diagnostics.

In 2009 Tom Meyers was selected as the NAPA/ASE Technician of the Year for the Chicagoland area, a first for a non-owner technician. He is an ASE Master Certified with L1 Certification and works on everything from computer diagnostics and engine performance to engine installations and rebuilding differentials. In the past 40 years he has always focused on repair quality and the latest automotive technology.

He’s shop foreman at Taylor’s Auto Service in Chapin, SC. This interview is part of the podcast Tech Talk Series.

Power topics include technician burn-out, the value of Vision High Tech Training and Expo for his personal training, technician mentoring, telematics and future technology, how his personal mentor changed his outlook and attitude on his role in the industry and saved him from throwing in the towel, and the need to get young talent into the industry.


RR 157: Jason Hladyniuk

Oct 3, 2016

Competitive Advantage: Be the Dealer Alternative

Jason Hladyniuk from Oxford Tire and Auto Centre in Woodstock, Ontario is reflecting on his eighteen years in the industry. He is certain that his investment in tools and training will be critical to stay relevant for servicing his customer’s vehicles in the future.

Oxford Tire & Auto Centre’s culture and purpose rallies the team to communicate and be open with each other and their customers. Their main purpose is to be the dealer alternative.

His compounded growth came from getting a handle on his fear along with doing the things he doesn’t like to do. He needed to get a grip on tasks he didn’t enjoy or the ones he was uncomfortable doing, but are critically necessary for the business (A great moment of honesty that many service professionals will relate to).

This episode covers child car seats, dreaming big, having clear set goals, and a do over if he ever had the chance.


RR 156: Kathleen Long goes ON-POINT

Sep 29, 2016

It doesn’t take much for consumers to be disloyal to their repair shop.

Kathleen Long the VP of Customer Success and GM of the Shop Network at RepairPal shares results of their constant surveying of the automotive consumer. This episode is packed with quantifiable and conceptual strategies to improve the service professionals total customer service experience.

This data brings a perspective to what needs to be done by the service professional to accommodate the consumer’s needs and perceptions that will grow their service business.

Episode highlights include warranty, reviews, pricing, the showroom or lobby, bathrooms, loaner cars, quality vs convenience, texting, and a good bedside manner. There is something here for everyone.


RR 155: Social Media Strategy /Face-To-Face

Sep 26, 2016

How strong is your social media strategy?

Many service professionals wonder how valuable and important a great social media presence is to connect with their customer’s digital DNA.

Learn from early adopters Frank Leutz from Desert Car Care and Greg Buckley from Buckley’s Auto Care. These two service professional entrepreneurs are sharing their strategies and how-to concepts for creating or improving your social media presence.


RR 154: Ray Kunz from ACT

Sep 22, 2016

Understand the power and impact of training, exit interviews, employee safe-zones and knowing your numbers.

With more than 38 years of experience as a Technician, Service Advisor, Service Manager, General Manager, Automotive Business Owner and now as one of the Premier Automotive Business Coach & Training specialists, Ray brings a unique skill set to the table. Automotive Coaching and Training (ACT) Group is built around supporting automotive business owners facing struggles in today’s business climate.


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Here is why I created Remarkable Results Radio: I shudder when a service professional is struggling and blaming the outside world for his/her problems. I love it when I see successful entrepreneurs and hear about their great ideas and how they overcame their obstacles. So I created a radio show that showcases aftermarket success stories from service professionals and thought leaders that will help all listeners grasp an idea, affirm their strategies or make important changes to improve their business.