Mental Toughness – Maryann Croce [RR 670]

Mental Toughness -Maryann Croce [RR 670]

When a stressful situation happens, how do you handle it? Do you often wish you had a longer fuse when dealing with issues and problems? Every single day we are challenged with decisions and different roles in our lives. We are a friend, employer, employee, owner, husband, mother, aunt, grandfather, community pillar…the list goes on. So what’s the best way to wear all those hats? Keep listening to find out.

Addiction: How Can We Help? What Can We Do? [THA 238]

Addiction: How Can We Help? What Can We Do? [THA 238]

Everyone has faced addiction, whether it’s yourself, a loved one, a friend, or a colleague. How do we help someone who is struggling with addiction? What can you do and say to them? In this episode you’ll hear from 2 recovering addicts and their personal journeys to become sober. Please share this episode with your network, you never know who is struggling behind closed doors. Share this with your team. Get this discussion out in the open.

Scan Tools Part 2 [RR 669]

Scan Tools Part 2 [RR 669]

Same crew, Matt Fanslow, Keith Perkins and Bill Nalu from part 1 and we came together to discuss the myths of which scan tool will do a better job and if the words “Scan tool,” is the right term to define this device. Also, many do not know that you can buy an OE scan tool from the dealer. Yes another deep discussion and if you didn’t listen to Scan Tools Part 1 it is episode 629 released in April 2021.

Steve Finzel and Sara & Chad Kooiman [AW 067]

Steve Finzel and Sara & Chad Kooiman [AW 067]

Guest host, Steve Finzel, Finzel’s Mastertech, Terre Haute, IN and the virtual shop tour with Sara and Chad Kooiman, Ultimate Auto, Sioux Falls, SD. Trivia Challenge: What year did the first “Soccer Mom” minivan debut?

Mergers and Acquisitions Explained – Rick Schwartz [RR 668]

Mergers and Acquisitions Explained [RR 668]

What is going on in overall Mergers and Acquisitions? What are buyers looking for? Why are so many family-owned businesses selling? All these questions and more are answered in this episode as Rick Schwartz from Schwartz Advisors makes it easy for you to understand M & A.

Supply Chain: Getting Parts to Market Post Pandemic [THA 237]

Supply Chain: Getting Parts to Market Post Pandemic [THA 237]

Shipping delays, raw material and labor shortages along with COVID-19 are just a few challenges suppliers are experiencing every single day. As the automotive repair industry has seen a boom in business, getting parts to market is one of the most important priorities and challenges we have. In this episode, my panel gives you an inside look at the supply chain, no sugar coating, just real facts.

Dealer Technicians Build Shop Partnership [RR 667]

Dealer Technicians Build Shop Partnership [RR 667]

Six years ago, two technicians at a dealership decided to start their own business. Jorge and Jason dove headfirst into business together with some major learning curves during the journey.

Like so many green owners, (by green I mean new and inexperienced in running a business) they thought they had all the answers and didn’t need outside help. Sound familiar? Find out how that changed and why it was a major turning point for them.

The Voices, Ideas and Insights that are Shaping the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket.

Plan For Slow Times [THA 275]

The aftermarket is blazing busy. We may think that boomtown will continue without an end in sight. But what are your ‘slow day action plans?’ Some who have not been doing things ‘right’ are feeling the ebb and flow of typical cycle times, holidays, back to school, vacations, weather, and travel. Let this episode help you re-think how you prop up your business. Stop stopping.

“Vision, KC Is My Happy Place” [RR 743]

Candice and Jesse Beuttenmuller come every March from WaKeeney, KS. to the Vision KC Hi Tech Expo. Vision KC, they say, is their Happy Place, therefore shutting down the shop to attend. Their town is so small it doesn’t even have a stoplight! Since we recorded the episode they changed the name of their business to ‘Old 40 Auto Care’. We also discuss the importance of communication with their customers. As a side note, we had a lot of laughs and fun while recording this episode.

Power Panel: Internal Communication [CC 107]

Communication is one of the biggest problems in human relationships and among a working team inside your business. We are talking about the power of top internal communication, front to the back of the shop and with your customer. My panel speaks about the process, communication tools, and how a well-oiled communication system makes for satisfied employees and a top customer experience

Streamlining Processes with Brett Beachler [AW 104]

Guest host and a shop tour with Brett Beachler, Beachler’s Vehicle Care & Repair, Peoria, IL. Find out how Brett’s team seamlessly communicates between both buildings and their streamlined processes.

Growing? Is Another Shop In Your Future? – Greg Bunch [RR 742]

Ever heard of the ‘entrepreneurial curse?’ Do you see opportunity everywhere you look? Are you ready to go multi-location? Or have you been approached to sell? I’m with Greg Bunch from Transformers Institute at Vision 2022 and we discuss the boom in becoming a multi-shop owner and the future of our industry.

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Details Matter [THA 274]

The complete customer experience package starts with having paid attention to details. When was the last time your shop was painted? Is the parking lot striped? What kind of coffee and amenities do you serve? Does your bathroom have extra hooks on the door? I’m with a panel of shop owners that put that extra in extraordinary. You should get a bare minimum of 5 great ideas to implement.

Wide Open Training Discussion with No Agenda [RR 741]

Dive into the minds of three incredible industry trainers in the studio of the 2022 Vision KC Hi Tech Training & Expo.  We had no agenda, just some friends chatting with a special dynamic and their passion for the advancement of the aftermarket. Some of what we covered: what are their perspectives on electrical theory, becoming a trainer, and training in general, you’ll also hear talk about business culture, mentoring and so much more. Profound fun awaits you.

Adapt and Overcome with David Friend [AW 103]

Guest host and a shop tour with David Friend, Mobile Tech, Wilmington, NC. Get a tour of David’s 50,000 sq ft building, including a training facility. He has been an early adapter of ADAS since 2015 and has a professional to professional auto supply business.

Do Your Standards Align with Your Core Values [RR 740]

How aligned are your business standards with the core values of yourself, and your team members? What are your corrective action plans? I’m with Clint White at Vision 2022 and we discuss accountability when things don’t go as planned in your business. It happens to everyone, but how to address it is a critical step some owners miss.

20 Group Peer Review [THA 273]

How often do you have an outside perspective on your business to offer improvement ideas? What about 35 outside perspectives? Last month Brian Weeks hosted a team of shop owners from his peer group, from around the country, to dig deep into his business. Keep listening to find out what helpful tips and insights they offered and what they learned from each other.

Women In Auto Care 2022 Conference – Tracy Capriotto [RR 739]

Not sure if you know that my daughter Tracy joined our media company and quickly signed on to our purpose to Advance the Aftermarket. She has made a great impact and helped to create the Aftermarket Radio Network. I’ve been encouraging her to find her stride and do her own podcast episode. Well here it is and she shares with you a personal story at the Women In Auto Care Conference in the Spring of 2022. Together we’ve attended ASTE, AAPEX, Vision, the Big Event, and others but this experience, she shares with you, is her first solo event and podcast. Get to know Tracy and see how proud I am to have her join the Aftermarket’s Premier Podcast. Many, I know, will relate to her story.

Growing Through Mergers and Acquisitions – Amanda Drake [AW 102]

Guest host and a shop tour with Amanda Drake, C & C Automotive, Augusta, GA. Amanda is passionate about growth through mergers and acquisitions. Take a tour of their 15,000 ft location which was a strip mall.

Pay Attention To Your Health – Jerry Holcom [RR 738]

10 years ago, Jerry Holcom, one of the founders of Vision Hi-Tech Training Expo, self-diagnosed himself with Parkinson’s. Learn how Jerry has lived with it and through it. This episode may hit home for you. The more you know the better. Let this episode be an inspiration to you.

Ethics 101 [THA 272]

Did you know ethics, culture, and team go hand in hand in a successful business? Doing the right thing means having full transparency, trust, and integrity. Listen firsthand to my panel as they discuss ethics 101 and some standout scenarios they’ve experienced.

New Customer Orientation – Kevin Vaught [RR 737]

Do you have a clear procedure for orientation of new customers and a commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience? Kevin Vaught from Elite Worldwide shares simple ways to WOW your new customers and reduce their anxiety.