4 Locations and Growing – Craig Popp [RR 757]

What are the challenges of being a successful multi-shop owner? Is there an ideal scenario to buy more locations? Should you buy an existing business or build from the ground up? I’m with Craig Popp at the 2022 Elite Invitational and each of his 4 locations has a unique story to tell. Keep listening if you are in the market for another shop.


Surviving the Loss of 3 Technicians in 3 Weeks – John Bridgwater [AW 111]

Guest host and shop tour with John Bridgwater, Doral’s Auto Repair, San Leandro, CA. Find out how John recovered from losing 3 technicians in 3 weeks. 


Do You Have a Customer Avatar? – Daniel Griffith [RR 756]

Have you identified and named your ideal customer avatar? Do you talk about it with your team? I’m with Daniel Griffith at the 2022 elite invitational. Listen as he breaks down finding the ideal customers and the importance of team culture. He even uses his employee testimonials in job postings (there’s an idea).


Is Your Bathroom Like the Ritz Carlton? [THA 281]

Did you know your customer’s bathroom is one of the most important reflections of your business to your customer? It reflects the commitment to a clean environment, it will affect your customer’s perception of your business and it demonstrates how well you’ll care for their personal vehicle. My panel discusses simple bathroom amenities that can have a huge impact and lasting impression on customers. Strive to have a customer rest room that is like the Ritz Carlton.


Is Your Mission Statement Your Passion Statement? – Bill Greeno [RR 755]

Was your mission statement created by yourself, or was it a collaborative effort from your employees? Is it listed on your website homepage? Do your customers know what it is? I’m with Bill Greeno at the 2022 Elite Invitational and he discusses how his team revamped its mission statement into a passion statement. Find out why affirmations were critical in starting the process.


Moving to a New Shop [AW 110]

Guest host and shop tour with Jae Malinowski, Faithfull Tirecraft, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Jae’s shop has 5 shipping containers of customer tires. Find out why tires are an important part of his business.


Hairdresser Turned Shop Owner – Danielle Villa [RR 754]

Are hairdressers the new untapped resource for our industry? How does a hairdresser in San Francisco become an automotive shop owner in Las Vegas? What can we learn from the intimacy between a hairdresser and the client? I’m with Danielle Vila at the 2022 Elite Invitational, stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this episode. We discuss business, hair care tips, and a few laughs in between.


The Voices, Ideas and Insights that are Shaping the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket.

ABC Technician: What Does It Mean? [THA 280]

Are A,B, and C technician levels outdated? Or do we need to take into account specialized skills that can be required in certain areas? Is there room for A, B and C levels within categories? As our industry continues to change, maybe our perspectives on technician labels change too.


Survey Says [RR 753]

Did you know a simple survey gathers valuable input from your customers about your business? It’s time to tap into the customer’s viewpoint by listening to what they want. Your customer’s input is a great source for your marketing plan. Find out how many survey responses give you a good sampling. Get info on conducting your own survey with links on the show notes page.


Two Locations, One Campus [AW 109]

Guest host and shop tour with Reggie Stewart, 2 locations, Reggie’s Motorworks and Noble Auto Service, Noblesville, IN. Find out how and why Reggie branded 2 separate locations in 1 former dealership space.


From Investment Banker to Shop Owner [RR 752]

Ready to be inspired by a shop owner that came from the merger and acquisition realm? Why did he choose our industry? What fresh perspective does he have?  I’m with Thomas from Hotchkiss Auto Repair and his passion about people and training is infectious.


Technician Mentoring [THA 279]

There are business coaches for shop owners, service advisors, COO’s and managers. But what about technicians? Training events are critical for everyone in your shop, but one on one technician mentoring at your facility is unrivaled. Find out the benefits of bringing a trainer in specifically to teach your team.


Our Partners

RR 005: Clint Dudley from Shade Tree Auto

Clint Dudley from Shade Tree Auto in Grimes, IA is a disciplined goal setter. That could account for an extremely prestigious recognition he received from the US Chamber of Commerce; being recognized as the only small business in Iowa to receive the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award for 2015. Listen as Clint talks about the impact of this recognition on his business. He started his business in much the same way other successful service professionals have. And find out what he believes is the #1 thing that makes a shop great. There are many great take-a-ways from the interview … like what he does for APEX/SEMA for his team. He shares an incredible AH HA moment and says you got to be a NERD to meet the technology challenges today and tomorrow.

RR 004: Dynamic Automotive Part 3

Share this…This week is Part #3 (episode 4) the final part with the partnership team from Dynamic Automotive, Jose Bueso, Lee Forman and Dwayne Myers. This MSO group was selected top 10 automotive shop in 2014 from Motor Age. They are extremely involved in their communities and are giving back to the industry by being…

RR 003: Dynamic Automotive Part 2

Share this… This is part #2 (episode 3) with the partnership team from Dynamic Automotive, Jose Bueso, Lee Forman and Dwayne Myers. This MSO group was selected top 10 automotive shop in 2014 from Motor Age. They are extremely involved in their communities and are giving back to the industry by being involved with the Auto…

RR 002: Dynamic Automotive Part 1

Share this… Jose Bueso, Lee Forman and Dwayne Myers make up the partnership team from Dynamic Automotive. These three successful leaders credit their success to a customer centered culture. Learn how their customer focus has made such a huge success in their business and how being involved in their communities is a secret sauce to…

RR 001: Dave Striegel from Elizabeth Auto Care

Share this… Dave Striegel has been an entrepreneur since owning his own gas station, back in the day (Do you remember the brand BORON?). Dave shared many great stories on what he feels contributed to his success from his work with Motor Age on the next evolution of marketing and his ‘super clients’ that are…

RR 000: Overview & Purpose of Remarkable Results Podcast

Share this… Everything you wanted to know about the Remarkable Results Podcast. Listen as your host Carm Capriotto interviews today’s most successful and inspiring automotive aftermarket professionals. Eavesdrop as our guest’s talk about their pathway to remarkable results and get inspired by their wisdom, challenges, flashes of brilliance and passion for what they love to…