A Collective Think Tank – Marconi – Murphy – Morrill [RR 759]

Nothing beats live in-person industry events. There is power in the collaborative minds from around the country in one room. The podcast attended the 2022 Elite Invitational in San Diego and we recorded some incredible stories with essential aftermarket voices. At the end of the conference, I had the idea to grab Jim Murphy, Gene Morrill, and Joe Marconi for a recap of the event and their perspectives on our industry. Keep listening, you have the best seat in the house right next to these 3 aftermarket icons.


You Need an Organizing Board – Discover Why with Jimmy Alauria [AW 112]

Guest host and shop tour with Jimmy Alauria, 3A Automotive and Diesel Repair, Phoenix, AZ. Does your shop have individual unicorn employees? Or does it have a team with leaders? Dive into his Organizing Board comprised of 7 divisions.


Do You Have a 40% Close Rate For Pre Scheduled Appointments? Brett Beachler [RR 758]

How do your service advisors close their sales with a customer? Are they pre-scheduling for future maintenance appointments? Brett Beachler’s business has a 40% close rate for pre-scheduled maintenance appointments. He discusses how to make your current customers, your future customers.  Grab a pen and paper or head to the shownotes on this episode. You don’t want to miss Brett’s closing presentation that can be implemented in your business.


Incentive Pay Ideas for Technicians [THA 282]

Did you know incentive pay plans are both monetary and nonmonetary? Your business must be profitable and have a clear vision with the right culture set in place for incentive plans to work. How are benefits, bonuses, and incentives different? Keep listening to find out how to incentify your employees to achieve their dreams.


4 Locations and Growing – Craig Popp [RR 757]

What are the challenges of being a successful multi-shop owner? Is there an ideal scenario to buy more locations? Should you buy an existing business or build from the ground up? I’m with Craig Popp at the 2022 Elite Invitational and each of his 4 locations has a unique story to tell. Keep listening if you are in the market for another shop.


Surviving the Loss of 3 Technicians in 3 Weeks – John Bridgwater [AW 111]

Guest host and shop tour with John Bridgwater, Doral’s Auto Repair, San Leandro, CA. Find out how John recovered from losing 3 technicians in 3 weeks. 


Do You Have a Customer Avatar? – Daniel Griffith [RR 756]

Have you identified and named your ideal customer avatar? Do you talk about it with your team? I’m with Daniel Griffith at the 2022 elite invitational. Listen as he breaks down finding the ideal customers and the importance of team culture. He even uses his employee testimonials in job postings (there’s an idea).


The Voices, Ideas and Insights that are Shaping the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket.

Is Your Bathroom Like the Ritz Carlton? [THA 281]

Did you know your customer’s bathroom is one of the most important reflections of your business to your customer? It reflects the commitment to a clean environment, it will affect your customer’s perception of your business and it demonstrates how well you’ll care for their personal vehicle. My panel discusses simple bathroom amenities that can have a huge impact and lasting impression on customers. Strive to have a customer rest room that is like the Ritz Carlton.


Is Your Mission Statement Your Passion Statement? – Bill Greeno [RR 755]

Was your mission statement created by yourself, or was it a collaborative effort from your employees? Is it listed on your website homepage? Do your customers know what it is? I’m with Bill Greeno at the 2022 Elite Invitational and he discusses how his team revamped its mission statement into a passion statement. Find out why affirmations were critical in starting the process.


Moving to a New Shop [AW 110]

Guest host and shop tour with Jae Malinowski, Faithfull Tirecraft, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Jae’s shop has 5 shipping containers of customer tires. Find out why tires are an important part of his business.


Hairdresser Turned Shop Owner – Danielle Villa [RR 754]

Are hairdressers the new untapped resource for our industry? How does a hairdresser in San Francisco become an automotive shop owner in Las Vegas? What can we learn from the intimacy between a hairdresser and the client? I’m with Danielle Vila at the 2022 Elite Invitational, stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this episode. We discuss business, hair care tips, and a few laughs in between.


ABC Technician: What Does It Mean? [THA 280]

Are A,B, and C technician levels outdated? Or do we need to take into account specialized skills that can be required in certain areas? Is there room for A, B and C levels within categories? As our industry continues to change, maybe our perspectives on technician labels change too.


Our Partners

Women In Auto Care 2022 Conference – Tracy Capriotto [RR 739]

Not sure if you know that my daughter Tracy joined our media company and quickly signed on to our purpose to Advance the Aftermarket. She has made a great impact and helped to create the Aftermarket Radio Network. I’ve been encouraging her to find her stride and do her own podcast episode. Well here it is and she shares with you a personal story at the Women In Auto Care Conference in the Spring of 2022. Together we’ve attended ASTE, AAPEX, Vision, the Big Event, and others but this experience, she shares with you, is her first solo event and podcast. Get to know Tracy and see how proud I am to have her join the Aftermarket’s Premier Podcast. Many, I know, will relate to her story.


Growing Through Mergers and Acquisitions – Amanda Drake [AW 102]

Guest host and a shop tour with Amanda Drake, C & C Automotive, Augusta, GA. Amanda is passionate about growth through mergers and acquisitions. Take a tour of their 15,000 ft location which was a strip mall. 


Pay Attention To Your Health – Jerry Holcom [RR 738]

10 years ago, Jerry Holcom, one of the founders of Vision Hi-Tech Training Expo, self-diagnosed himself with Parkinson’s. Learn how Jerry has lived with it and through it. This episode may hit home for you. The more you know the better. Let this episode be an inspiration to you.


Ethics 101 [THA 272]

Did you know ethics, culture, and team go hand in hand in a successful business? Doing the right thing means having full transparency, trust, and integrity. Listen firsthand to my panel as they discuss ethics 101 and some standout scenarios they’ve experienced.


New Customer Orientation – Kevin Vaught [RR 737]

Do you have a clear procedure for orientation of new customers and a commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience? Kevin Vaught from Elite Worldwide shares simple ways to WOW your new customers and reduce their anxiety.


Tom’s Trends – Shop Open & Close Hours [CC 106]

The theme/goal of this episode is to discuss hours open, hours closed. I’m with Tom Ham. Tom brings some interesting trends he’s collected from surveying aftermarket professionals.


Why Cleanliness Matters [AW 101]

Guest hosts and a shop tour with Henry Rose and Jeff Scruggs, Scruggs Automotive Repair, Buffalo, NY. Find out why cleanliness matters and how to implement it within your business. Plus, get an inside look at their new Annex location across the street.


Celebrating Educators [RR 736]

You know I am passionate and committed to education. A very informative discussion to keep you up to date with high school and post-secondary education with these educators who were at VISION KC to keep up with technology.


Do You Need an Estimator? [THA 271]

Is your service advisor stressed? Do you have a full lot of vehicles to repair but have technicians standing around? I’ve been asking shop owners if an estimator role in the business is an important hire. I got an ear full in this Academy Webinar on how the metrics work and the role and responsibilities to consider hiring an estimator or parts specialist in your growing busy shop. All three shop owners on my panel have this role in their shops. Stick around and learn.


Are You Ready to Open a Second Location? – Justin Barrett [RR 735]

The leap from 1 location to 2 is never easy. But what if you also add in going to Vision 2022 days before the second location opens? How has Justin Barrett prepared his existing employees, while hiring new ones, for his second location? How did he know it was the right time?