It’s About Parenting

It was Coach Rod Olson who said ‘It’s About Parenting’. Rod Olson is the coach’s coach. Sports and even Navy Seals, he has influenced many to better themselves over the years. I talked about him last week, but there is more.

You know me, I listen for the sometimes jewel of a statement within a conversation. When you listen to the show, you find me pulling very wise or profound lessons from each guest.

When he said, ‘It’s About Parenting’, it felt like those words, that statement, could be a difference maker for the many shop owners and managers who are struggling to become better leaders but just have not found the lesson or spark to make it happen.

If you have children or not, I feel you can relate to the statement ‘It’s About Parenting.’ Like parenting, a leader has to nurture and guide their team members toward growth and success. They set clear expectations and hold their team accountable for their actions. So simple and yet so hard.

There is that blend or balance between being authoritative and being empathetic. Do you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and use that knowledge to motivate them toward achieving common goals?

So much to learn by listening to or watching my interview with Rod and Dan to spur you on to becoming a stronger leader. By adopting a parenting mindset in your leadership style, you can build strong relationships with team members, leading to better performance and success for your organization.

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