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Boutique Training: Specific – Focused – Hands On – The Training Comes To You [THA 179]

Scott Shotton has been in the automotive industry since 1992. Starting with the U.S Army and expanding from there. To this day, Scott has continued to work on vehicles while pursuing training ventures. Many years as a technician turning wrenches, attending training, spending time as a trainer for the EPA, teaching for 18 years as a post-secondary college instructor and eventually teaching countless training classes across North America has made Scott a sought-after trainer. Since 2006 Scott has operated a mobile diagnostic business that keeps him up-to-date with current issues and allows him to train on current technologies. “If I am going to train you how to fix cars then I better be fixing them. Otherwise, I’m just a book and a lab coat.”

Scott has a degree in Automotive Service Technology, currently maintains approximately 30 ASE certifications and also contributes to ASE as a subject matter expert (SME.) He also is a contributing author for multiple industry publications and volunteers his time to industry-related ventures. Scott’s previous episodes HERE.

Jon Bockman owns two locations; Bockman’s Auto Care in Sycamore, IL and the newly opened Bockman’s Truck & Fleet in DeKalb, IL.  Jon is a second-generation owner of a business that has been around since 1964. He is a member of ASA and sits on the local college advisory board.  He is the treasurer of a NAPA Business Development Group and is the winner of the 2019 NAPA AutoCare’s Shop of the Year.  Jon’s previous episodes HERE.

Eric Ziegler, a Mobile Diagnostician owner of  EZ Diagnostic Solutions Inc in Peoria, IL. Also, an instructor for Automotive Seminars and The Driveability Guys. Eric’s previous episodes HERE.

Dave Denmon founded Dave’s Car Care (formerly known as Dave’s Tire and Auto Corral) in 1980. He has been very active in the community, sponsoring Food for the Hungry, the Phoenix Women’s Shelter, Little League, girls’ softball teams, and established Sunny slope Ministers of Hope to feed local homeless. Dave’s previous episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points:

    • As a test on ‘how is business’ in the face of the pandemic, both Dave and Jon are doing well
    • Conceptually,
      • Specific and focused on exactly what you need
      • Theory and hands-on
      • One on one because of the smaller class
      • Defray cost by inviting local shops to participate
    • Advantage
      • Looking for a specialized type of training. Customize to your needs
        • Pico Scope as an example
      • Develop a core group of technicians to do this type of training
      • Save travel, hotel and some food costs
      • Shared training among your peers in your market
      • More intimate.
      • Instead of many generalized classes, you can pinpoint
      • Move from basic training quicker because of a small group
      • Use your shops’ equipment
    • In today’s culture, you need a commitment from your technicians that are willing to learn every day
    • You may hire a technician that has never used the equipment you use in your shop. Hire for this specific training
    • Repetition if the mother of learning. Dave Denmon
    • Dave has a contract with his technicians
      • Will get a monthly credit against a total he is investing in them with training
      • Download Form  HERE.
      • This builds training buy-in and a training bond
      • You have to train your people
    • Technology explosion in the next five years
    • Flat Rate vs Hourly/Incentive (hybrid)
    • Eric: Average technician pay in US $38. That is average.
    • Eric does technician mentoring
    • Navy Seals: They all have their role
    • Dave is not going to run ads for technicians he will be drafting them from previous
    • This type of specific train is fluid. At this time just about anything goes
    • Dave: You need a structured training commitment and a budget between $25K – $50K per year if you want to survive in the next 3 – 5 years
    • Major corporations will control the quick services for vehicles but fixing cars that have drivability problems will become a real need in the future
    • Flat rate is irrelevant if you can’t fix cars
    • Dave instituted a technology service access fee on invoices to help fund subscriptions and tools
      • In 5 years he collected $77K
    • Dave: Covid-19 has opened up the job market. There are many talented technicians available. We were always held hostage by the technician shortage   
    • You must give exceptional customer experience if you want to have the highest labor rate
    • Connect with your favorite trainer to come to your place to create specific training for your team
    • Connect with Scott or Eric:



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