How To: Identify, Accept, and Overcome Dyslexia in Your Workplace [THA 378]

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1 in 5 people have some form of dyslexia.

A profound discussion on dyslexia in the automotive industry. Learn the definition of dyslexia, its impact on learning and training, and strategies to support those with dyslexia. The episode emphasizes the value of recognizing the unique strengths and challenges of individuals with dyslexia, offering practical advice for employers, trainers, and individuals to enhance learning and professional development in the automotive industry.

Bill Greeno, Quality Automotive Servicing, Truckee, CA. Bill’s previous episodes HERE

Nicole Ofiesh, PH.D, Dr. Ofiesh is a cognitive behavioral scientist with expertise in dyslexia, learning disorders, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.

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  • Definition of Dyslexia (00:01:59) Discussion on the definition of dyslexia and its importance for individuals in the automotive industry.
  • Strengths of People with Dyslexia (00:09:45) Dr. Nicole Ofiesh explains the strengths inherent in people with dyslexia, such as visual spatial abilities and creative thinking.
  • Training Challenges (00:10:04) Bill Greeno discusses the challenges of providing hands-on training for individuals with dyslexia and the preference for visual and kinesthetic learning.
  • Strategies for Supporting Employees with Dyslexia (00:11:36) Dr. Nicole Ofiesh suggests strategies for supporting employees with dyslexia in educational settings, including providing reading support and using text-to-speech software.
  • Awareness and Insights for Employers (00:15:33) The need for awareness among training companies and trainers about dyslexia and the importance of accommodating diverse learning styles.
  • Personal Experience with Dyslexia (00:16:32) Bill Greeno shares his personal experience with dyslexia and the importance of teaching to different learning styles, regardless of dyslexia.
  • The definition of dyslexia (00:20:21) Dr. Nicole explains dyslexia as a reading and processing challenge affecting the sequence and sounds of symbols.
  • Strengths of individuals with dyslexia (00:22:15) Dr. Nicole highlights the extraordinary problem-solving and mechanical abilities of individuals with dyslexia.
  • Training challenges and strategies for dyslexic employees (00:23:30) Dr. Nicole discusses the importance of empowering individuals to be independent learners and suggests techniques such as study buddies and listening while reading.
  • The stigma of listening as reading (00:27:09) The speakers discuss the stigma surrounding listening as a form of reading and the need to overcome it.
  • Closed captioning and universal design for learning (00:30:30) Dr. Nicole explains the significance of closed captioning as a universally beneficial tool and advocates for rethinking traditional notions of reading.
  • Assessing and accommodating dyslexic employees (00:33:57) The conversation delves into the importance of assessing individual learning needs and offering a variety of learning methods to accommodate dyslexic employees.
  • The importance of books and learning (00:36:42) Discussion on the significance of books and learning for personal and professional growth.
  • Challenges in technical classes for mechanics (00:37:47) Exploring the difficulties faced in technical classes and the benefits of having information available in advance.
  • Embracing dyslexia in the workplace (00:38:52) Encouraging employers and peers to support individuals with dyslexia and turn it into a strength.
  • Acknowledging dyslexia and promoting understanding (00:40:21) Expressing gratitude for the discussion on dyslexia and emphasizing the need to embrace and understand it in the automotive industry.

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