Passion To Support Abused Children – Chris and Pete Meier [RR 805]

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In April 2017, Pete (aka GuardDog) and Chris (aka Ninja) Meier, began Bikers C.A.R.E. “C.A.R.E.” stands for “Child Abuse Response Effort,” and describes their vision – that is, to do everything possible to end child abuse in ALL of its forms and to come to the aid of children and families victimized by abuse.​​

Pete Meier, Creative Director, Motor Age, and industry trainer. Bikers C.A.R.E Inc. Listen to Pete’s other episodes HERE

Show Notes

  • Bikers C.A.R.E Inc– Helpline (813) 609-2457
  • 3 Pillars of Bikers C.A.R.E. Mission- Educate, Restore, Protect
  • The United States has one of the worst records in how it protects its kids. We have 1500 children dying every year as a result of neglect or physical abuse.
  • It doesn’t take numbers to make a difference, it just takes a willingness to make a difference
  • Utilizing social media to reach out and seek help
  • It’s not the guy in the overcoat standing outside the schoolyard. It’s the uncle, it’s the soccer coach, it’s the youth leader at church, and sometimes it’s the family itself
  • Provide resources for therapy and resources for domestic shelters, it’s all about having resources with us as well as helping 
  • Protect your children from cyber predators online; check with their phones and computers 
  • Whether it’s law or not, you should consider yourself a mandatory reporter.
  • The average age of a sexual abuse victim is eight years old
  • If you notice attitude changes in your kids, check on them
  • Spend more time with your kids rather than them spending more time with phones and computers, make time for them, and go for a walk, go for a bike ride, go for a car ride etc.

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