Accelerate Your Career at ASCCA’s Training Conference [RR 876]

Luke Murray discusses the upcoming training conference organized by the Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) including the growth of the conference over the years, the fundraising event for the Automotive Service Council Education Foundation (ASCEF), and the importance of training in the automotive industry. Luke shares details about the conference program and how feedback from shop owners helps determine the topics and content. He also discusses the value of repetitive training and the benefits of attending conferences regularly. Luke highlights the goals of the conference and the opportunity for new members to join ASCCA at a discounted rate.

Luke Murray, Manager of Customer Training, WTI.

Show Notes

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  • ASCCA (Automotive Service Counsils of California) Training Conference, Costa Mesa, CA, September 8-20, 2023. 
  • The Growth of the Training Conference (00:02:15) Discussion about the expansion of the ASCCA’s training conference from a one-day event to a three-day event.
  • Fundraising Event for ASCEF (00:02:29) Details about the fundraising event for the Automotive Service Council Education Foundation (ASCEF) and how it supports youth scholarships in the automotive industry.
  • Importance of Training in the Automotive Industry (00:06:17) Highlighting the significance of training in the automotive industry and the benefits of attending training events for both management and technical skills.
  • The Importance of Member Feedback (00:08:18) Discussion on the need for member input to determine training topics and content for the conference.
  • The Value of Repetitive Training (00:11:30) Importance of repeating training classes to stay updated and learn new information, with examples of how classes evolve over time.
  • The conference goals and member benefits (00:17:18) Luke discusses the goals of the conference and how it aims to benefit the member base by providing training that can be applied immediately in their jobs and businesses.
  • Introduction of the current ASCCA president (00:17:57) Luke introduces Lee Chesnin as the current president of ASCCA.
  • Opportunity to join ASCCA and get involved (00:19:57) Luke mentions the opportunity for shops in California to join ASCCA at a temporary or introductory membership rate, allowing them to experience the benefits and attend the conference. He also encourages current members to get involved by joining committees and witnessing the behind-the-scenes workings of the association.

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