Training as a Required Pillar

So many discussions lately, both on and off the podcast microphone, have prompted me to drive a training strategy for our industry and shop owners.

Stay with me as I explain something that you know but may have never totally accepted. Today without a sales and marketing strategy, a financial budget, Key Performance Metrics (KPI), goals, employee retention and recruitment strategy, tool and equipment budget, systems and procedures, along with being in a networking group or having a business coach on your team you may not be performing at the top of your craft.

These pillars are necessary for a successful business. I missed a few, but I believe you understand where I’m coming from. So why don’t enough shop owners have training as a required pillar of their business? Training is the key to success, and it is an essential component of any organization.

Training is more than just a way to ensure that employees are up-to-date with the latest technologies, sales methods, and leadership. It is a strategic pillar for organizations. You know deep down inside that our world, especially tech, is traveling faster than we can keep up. So why do we train? To stay ahead of that curve. Why should training be a pillar in your business strategy? To stay at the forefront and be a perpetual student.

Training is a key part in the process of retaining talent. It shows you care and that any career path requires learning and development. Training must be considered an investment rather than an expense. So why do so many talk about their commitment to training and show no signs that they get behind it. The best talent, your rock star people, want to be part of an organization that makes training an important strategy in their company. They want daytime and paid. Also, mentoring groups (a big important trend) for your team members will keep them engaged.

Inside the training pillar, you need to develop a training resume for every team member, requiring so many hours a year from all positions. It used to be 40 hours per year, and it looks like many are at 80 hours. Daytime is the best training for retention of the material.

Your training resume should include: Technician Name, Date, Class Title, Venue, Sponsor, Time Invested, Trainer Name, Tech’s Rating 1-10, Cost, Who Paid.

Please use this reminder to start making training a strong and powerful pillar of your business. A link to over 30 episodes on training HERE.

About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

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