What does it take to find a great work/life balance?

That time of the year is upon us when we reflect on the current year regarding family, self, work and future. All too often we look at the balance that we’ve maintained and find the scale tipped one way or the other.

If you want a stronger or better work/life balance you must believe it is possible. Once you believe that it’s possible, you must DECIDE that is what you want and set your INTENTION to make it so. Then design your life around it.

Yes, easily said; improve your work-life balance. It can be especially hard to do for many people. They are so committed to their careers and businesses. They are growing and leading so they can hire more people to help take the pressure off.

Knowing your personal and business purpose helps you decide and make decisions every day to balance yourself. Make the choice what you are going to be.  Be the master of yourself, your family and your business. In other words, be present 100% in whatever situation you place yourself into.

When you are at work, be at work. When you are with your spouse, be with your spouse. When you are with your children, be with your children. 100% of the time be present in these situations. You’ll discover a new-found appreciation for relationships. And being 100% present is about listening to understand not to reply; it takes a conscious effort.

Does this happen often: at the end of a busy day how many times have you said, ‘I didn’t get anything done!’ Does your To-Do list ever shrink?  If that goes on every day, you are busy for sure, but you are not working your role in your business or personal life.

Our actions display our priorities regardless of what we say. As a leader, are you demonstrating to your team what you expect from them and yourself?

Have you grown your business or created processes and systems where you can leave, and the business runs? Improved systems and process will help the business sustain without you. Isn’t that your goal?

What would happen if you became ill and your doctor told you no work for a month? Is your team prepared? Are you prepared?

A very simple tactic to achieve the proper balance is to schedule. Yes, if being at the gym at 10 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday is important, then you must schedule it and commit to the task. This is a very simple idea that works if you have good self-discipline. Consider a doctor’s appointment. You would not miss a doctor’s appointment.  Scheduling time for personal balance works. Try it! Let your team and spouse know that you have items on your agenda. You want to keep them and ask that they help you keep those commitments.

Schedule time with your children and spouse. Have a date night with your children and/or your spouse. Keep it fresh. I’m sure you know someone who has lost a relationship because it was all one-sided to work vs. spouse or family.

Recently I convened a panel of service professionals to roundtable the work/life balance matter. These owners make their choices in maintaining a good balance every day.

A few of their ideas:

  • Go to the library, bring your work. Book 90 minutes. Don’t take your phone. Find 90 minutes of pure production time. When you compare the time at the library to the time at work, you’ll discover who or what is stealing your time. Deal with it or make a date to get to the library just before the gym!
  • Swim laps.
  • Find a quiet moment to walk in the woods; get some tree energy!
  • Understand your business culture and how that effects a balance for your entire team.

No one has ever said from their deathbed that they wish they had spent more time at work. The best advice of all; Tomorrow is a new day. You can start fresh.

Get the full impact of the work/life balance discussion HERE.

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