A Dream Has No Limits

I heard a quote from Barry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records. “A Dream Has No Limits.”

My mind went to the dreams/goals I have for the podcast and the effort to help all ships rise. Then I thought of the number of shop owners who are remodeling and buying dirt and building their dream shop.

I thought of the many shop owners who are building their culture and realizing how important culture and people make the business.

Our industry is changing and bettering itself and it is because we are using our networks and peer groups to help us dream and realize our goals.

Continued success. Stay hard at it.

About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

Carm is the founder and host of the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast; the only one of its type in the automotive aftermarket. Carm calls on his 35 years’ experience in the aftermarket to bring engaging stories from his guests.

Listen to raw, unfiltered, honest, and sincere stories that include insights, trends, best practices and expertise. Each interview brings an opportunity to learn one new thing through the stories of personal achievement. Many podcast guests tell their story of transformation from working in their business to working on it.

As host, Carm uses his enthusiasm and passion for the aftermarket especially the service sector to take his listeners on a journey showcasing successful service professionals’ path to Remarkable Results. He also enjoys interviews with aftermarket industry thought leaders who bring their industry perspectives to his listener.