Dinner Talk – Everyone’s An Expert

When I go to dinner with friends, I enjoy listening, just like I do on my podcasts. I hear a lot of experts speak to their knowledge of things. They may be right or not but really do sound convincing. 

As a shop owner, your Customer Experience is always on trial. Next time you are with friends at dinner or in a group and you hear people talk about their week or a recent large expenditure; like I bought a new lawnmower or new water feature. People always have an opinion or expert advice on how you could or should have done something. How about “I just got my car serviced. I’m working on keeping it for a long time. Have you seen the prices of cars? You have to pay over MSRP just to buy a car today!”

Friend says, “What did you have done?”  And you explain. 

Ever notice how everyone is helpful and willing to tell you that you spent too much money. “You could have gotten it cheaper here or there. Are you sure you needed that?”

This is where the power of your Customer Experience comes in. Notice I did not say Customer Service. If you are communicating to your customer and keeping them in the know and providing more beyond just the repair, then you survive other people telling your client otherwise. Remember you don’t repair cars you solve problems. If your client can say, “You should take your car to my shop. They know me, care about me and make sure my ride is always safe and reliable. Yes maybe I pay a few dollars more but I see them as a partner to my transportation needs. And besides, they keep me involved by texting pictures, explain why and have a plan to keep my vehicle on the road for a long time.”

Build your customer experience to become a competitive advantage. It starts with your core culture, but you know that, so spread the word to other shop owners that don’t.

About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

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