But! However! Replace Them.

Move from But or However to NOW.

Guilty, Your Honor, as Charged.

‘But’ is a staple word that we use all the time. It shouldn’t be.

Rod Olson, Dan Taylor, and I, in a recent episode titled: “Speaking Greatness Into Your People,” Episode 889, hammered some hot topics about recognition, language, and teachable moments. A highly recommended episode for all leaders, HERE.

Rod is a highly qualified coach and teacher and so much fun to talk to (he has coached the Navy Seals). I learned much from Rod and Dan and always get inspired listening to them. In that episode, Rod tells us why we should not say ‘But’ or ‘However’

The choice of words can make or break a message, and sometimes, a small tweak can have a significant impact. One such tweak that can transform is moving from the word “but” or “however” to the powerful word “NOW.”

Words count. “But” and “however” are commonly used to introduce contrasting ideas or arguments. While they serve their purpose, they can also create a sense of hesitation or delay in delivering your message. On the other hand, using the word “NOW” brings immediacy and urgency.

This is a lesson I need to practice over and over. I need to trigger the word but in my mind and pause before I say it and use the word NOW. It may work for you.

As Rod explains, by replacing phrases like “but,” and “however,” or even similar transitional words with “NOW,” you create a sense of action and promptness. This change in tone can cause people to take action instead of weighing the options with the words ‘but’ and ‘however.’

Think of the power on your sales counter: Instead of saying, “We understand your problem; however, here’s how we can help,” show immediate resolution by saying, “We understand your problem! NOW let us provide you with a solution.”

Remember, the power of “NOW” lies in its ability to inspire immediate action. So, let go of hesitation and embrace the power of this transformative word. Start using “NOW” to captivate your people and your customers to be more in the present with positive actions vs ‘buts’ and ‘howevers.’

I will work on this!

About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

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