FTR 000: For The Record Overview & Purpose

Hi and welcome to episode ZERO of the For The Record Podcast.

As the Remarkable Results Radio podcast and the Town Hall Academy has blossomed to a combined 400 plus episodes as of this recording; I had a desire to let my guests go deeper, to offer stronger opinions, to push the boundaries or envelope, if you will, and to have a rant on a subject or subjects they are passionate about. Yes, a departure, something new for you!  The show is a “What’s on your mind moment.”

So the concept to create a short and specific ‘rant’ has been in development. I ran the idea by many of my industry colleagues and friends and they thought it was a great idea and couldn’t wait to participate. You’re going to like what you hear.

Welcome to ‘For The Record’, a platform for every aftermarketer to say what is on their mind. My goal will be to make ‘For The Record’ a platform that will challenge and even stretch thinking roll over the status quo, present new ideas, and change some opinions.

For The Record is like the OP/Ed section of your newspaper. Some Opinion some Editorial. The intention will be to push a few boundaries and create a future dialogue.

Remember that the views and opinions expressed are those of my guest and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author, the sponsors, aftermarket associates or affiliates of LSTN MEDIA LLC  (You’ve been given the obligatory disclaimer)

Part of the design was to keep the show short. My goal is to have my guests make their point in nine minutes or less. However, if they are on a roll, I would never stop their flow of ideas. This way you’ll be able to slice in this  ‘For The Record’ show between episodes of Remarkable Results Radio and the Town Hall Academy.

I thank you for being a loyal and dedicated listener and embracing the power of the podcast. As I’ve said many times ‘We Rise by Lifting Others’ and that has been the purpose of every show I produce for you. There is always something to learn in every episode. The podcasts have lived up to our original premise and that is to ‘Listen To Learn Just One Thing’. We go way beyond one thing, in fact, there are many many things that will change your course of own remarkable results.

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Now enjoy this new weekly automotive aftermarket podcast as my guests bring their opinion, riff, pet peeve or rant …. For The Record.





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The views and opinions expressed are those of my guest and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author, sponsors, associates or affiliates of LSTN MEDIA LLC

About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

Carm is the founder and host of the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast and the pioneer of automotive aftermarket podcasts. Carm calls on his years of experience in the aftermarket to bring engaging stories from his guests.

Listen to raw, unfiltered, honest, and sincere stories that include insights, trends, best practices, and expertise. Each interview brings an opportunity to learn one new thing through the stories of personal achievement. Many podcast guests tell their story of transformation from working in their business to working on it.

As host of over 1,000 episodes, Carm uses his enthusiasm and passion for the aftermarket especially the service sector to take his listeners on a journey showcasing successful service professionals’ paths to Remarkable Results. He also enjoys interviews with aftermarket industry thought leaders who bring their industry perspectives to his listener.

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