Why Fix a Negative Attitude in your Shop [THA 202]

Rick White, President and Lead Coach for 180BIZ, an auto repair shop training and business coaching company. He also owned and managed several successful automotive repair shops.

Early in his career, Rick got his arm stuck under a vehicle while working underneath it. He managed to get out safely but it was a wake up call to him and for all of us as well. This is everyone’s concern. There are too many distractions like cell phones, tablets, lackadaisical attitude of it never happening, not focused on job at task, talking to tech next to them and a whole lot more. We need to follow lift maintenance schedules religiously and document every procedure in order to check work properly.

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Craig O’Neill an integrator and trainer at Autotex.me. Though he initially began college seeking a degree in history education and was heavily considering missionary aviation, it was obvious to him that his primary calling was to raise a family. Setting aside his full-time education, Craig committed himself to scale the 3rd generation auto repair business to be successful in these exciting but challenging times.

An ASE certified technician and service consultant, he is visibly excited about the technological advances the industry is seeing and frequently can be heard speaking to clients sharing his enthusiasm.

Craig is committed to elevating the professional image of the automotive service community and consistently looking for ways to communicate with bright young people regarding the opportunities that exist in the automotive service profession. Listen to Craig’s previous episodes HERE.

Andy Pollina is from Legacy Auto-Tech

Key Talking Points:

  • We have attitudes on everythingGotta be conscious about what you tell yourself
  • Attitudes Positive or Negative can be contagiousMy wife told me I was turning into a grumpy old B-astard
  • Attitudes left alone will go negative over time
  • We are looking for threats all the times
  • Society is using negativity to sell their product
  • Attitude is a choice.. That’s a fact!
  • Meditate
  • Our Attitudes are contagious
  • Everyone lights up a room-some when they walk in, some when they leave
  • Living with attitudes in the workplace – can you change their attitudes?The “I can do anything better than the rest” attitude sucks
  • Holding on to toxic people too longThe thought of replacing them is dreadful
  • Letting toxic people go is a good thing
  • Be like the Buffalo – run through the storm to get thru it quicker
  • “The Obstacle Is The Way” book
  • So much of what a good attitude is embellished and surrounded by the culture of that businessThe owner can decide on the environment that they want to have in their business
  • Rules Of Engagement – holding each other accountable to these rules
  • If you have an attitude problem in your business – look in the mirror
  • You decide on what is acceptable in your environment
  • If you can make people feel better doing what they love to do, they’re gonna want to be there.
  • If someone’s having an attitude, you break down the walls with empathy then you are able to communicate with them
  • The different components of attitudeEffective – how something is making someone feel 
  • Behavioral – how someone is acting
  • Cognitive – why someone is feeling a certain way
  • Three ways to get out of bed every dayHop out of bed
  • Roll out of bed
  • Fall out of bed
  • Make a choice to hop out of bed
  • Give people grace, but they have to own it if it’s something they are doingCan’t give up on people
  • They have to want to change
  • Always pointing the finger
  • Some people are not aware of their own attitudes
  • We have to meet them where they are at
  • You have to respect people in how they are feeling
  • Listened, Heard, Valued, and Appreciated
  • Go to each team member and see how they are doing periodically 
  • Family BusinessesPassion and Ego
  • Youth vs Maturity
  • God has a way of giving us back what we brought… they are called kids
  • Family dynamics are not always that good
  • Step back and say “How can I be a better communicator”Book called “The Clarity Factor”
  • Before you confront someone, what are you bringing to the situation?
  • You can’t control the external, only the internal
  • Wherever you go, there your are 
  • PerfectionPerfection will keep you from starting
  • Perfection is an illusion created by the devil to rob you of your dreams 
  • Final Words
  • Before we fix any attitude problem in the shop you got to make sure our attitude is right firstWe ask ourselves questions everyday
  • If you want a better life, you got to learn to ask yourself better questionsQuestions creates focus
  • Focus creates meaning
  • Meaning creates actions
  • Actions creates results
  • You have to believe you are capable of overcoming the problems
  • You can change your attitude but you have to if you want to set examples for othersDon’t compare yourself to others
  • Stop playing the bad tape in your head
  • A bad attitude can lead to something serious if you don’t do something about it
  • Don’t have pity for yourself
  • Have a great support group around you
  • You can’t change overnight, it’s a journey
  • You can’t put lipstick on a pig and call it prettyIf you really want to grow your self-esteem, be honest with yourself
  • Don’t put a false smile on – be real
  • The “T” word…. TherapyEverybody at some point should talk to a therapist to put a language to what you are feeling
  • Talk to someone who is not biased (not your wife, not your friend)


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