Plan For Slow Times [THA 275]

The aftermarket is blazing busy. We may think that boomtown will continue without an end in sight. But what are your ‘slow day action plans?’ Some who have not been doing things ‘right’ are feeling the ebb and flow of typical cycle times, holidays, back to school, vacations, weather, and travel. Let this episode help you re-think how you prop up your business. Stop stopping.

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Kim Walker, Shop Marketing Pros, Listen to Kim’s other episodes HERE.

Aaron Woods, X-tra Mile Auto Care, Stillwater, OK. Listen to Aaron’s previous episodes HERE

Clint White, Service Advisor Coach & Shop Consultant with CWI and currently holds multiple ASE certifications. Listen to Clint’s previous episodes HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Staying ahead of the curve. What we do today, is what we have tomorrow. 
  • An effective SDAP (Slow Day Action Plan) isn’t something you pull out of a drawer or your SOP binder on days when the phone isn’t ringing and there are no cars in the bays.
  • The most important slow-day tool is already in your toolbox. You just need to know how to use it- be proactive, not reactive. Shop management platforms (tracking and analytics), CRM programs (managing the analytics), brand awareness, appointment reminders
  • Tire pressure checks- touchpoint opportunity
  • Service advisors- create urgency and can maintain urgency through booking future appointments. Customers will match your urgency.
  • Strengthen your relationship with customers
  • How involved are you with your community?
  • “Stop Stopping”
  • “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”
  • Assessment- how do you look from an outside perspective? Reviews? Social media presence? Website? Financial scrub of dollars going out?
  • Social posts: new equipment, ‘unboxing’ which attracts new customers and technicians
  • Actively participate in Follow-up and Marketing- when are you reaching out after the sale? 3 Days?  30 Days? How are you reaching out after the sale? It is critical that we honor our customer’s PMOC (preferred method of contact)

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