Rachel Spencer’s ‘Rachelisms’ for Auto Repair [AW 169]

What are some of Rachel Spencer’s “Rachelisms?” The Power of Consistency: Rachel emphasizes the importance of consistency and communication in her operations. She believes in creating habits, holding each other accountable, and striving for perfection while acknowledging that mistakes can happen. Customer Communication is Key: Rachel’s approach to customer service is all about overcommunication. You must provide customers with as much information as possible upfront, offering financing options, and sending vehicle health and safety reports via text. Rachel also shares her experiences with recruiting technicians including reaching out to institutes with automotive programs.

Rachel Spencer, Spencer’s Auto Repair, Krum Texas. Listen to her other episodes HERE

Show Notes:

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  • The importance of consistency and communication (00:05:17) Consistency and communication are emphasized as crucial elements in the success of the business, with the focus on creating habits and holding each other accountable.
  • The need for testing and options in healthcare (00:07:08) The frustration of not being given the option for testing upfront in healthcare is discussed, highlighting the importance of providing options to customers in the automotive industry.
  • Onboarding new customers (00:08:54) The process of onboarding new customers is explained, including gathering information about their previous experiences and ensuring that the shop is the right fit for them.
  • Overcommunicate and Provide Peace of Mind (00:09:19) Rachel discusses the importance of providing customers with as much information as possible upfront, including financing options and warranties, to alleviate their concerns and avoid unnecessary phone calls.
  • Pre-Visit Communication (00:10:07) Sending videos, emails, or links to a special webpage to potential customers before their visit.
  • Listening to Sales Calls (00:11:12) Rachel emphasizes the importance of periodically screening and listening to sales calls to ensure service advisors are following processes, treating customers well, and getting new customers to visit the shop.
  • Recruiting Technicians (00:17:50) Rachel discusses the challenges of recruiting technicians and the efforts made to attract applicants.

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