RR 393: ADAS is the Next Big Thing. Advice From an ADAS Calibration Shop.

Matthew Roayaee is franchise owner of Auto Check- Cypress Station in Houston, TX.  Matthew’s shop is equipped to do ADAS calibrations. He says ADAS is the Next Big Thing.  (ADAS- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Learn why Matthew Roayaee decided to invest in ADAS calibration. You’re going to get his perspectives on his challenges, what he recommends shop owners do to meet this head on and other wide open topics like barriers to entry, and training among other important issues. Check out Matthew’s other episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points:

  • Constantly reinvesting in business with the latest technology and machines
    • Need the right tools and equipment to be efficient- employees come to work “to play” because they enjoy what they do  
    • Started doing work with ADAS in 2015
    • Marketed shop as ADAS calibration shop
  • Vehicle re-calibration knowledge
    • Example: 2015 Cadillac Escalade- has two sensors behind the bumper, if bumper needs to be removed for repair (change radiator) then calibration needs to be adjusted
    • If the customer refuses calibration work then Matthew will do it anyway and will not charge because of safety issues
    • OE Service Guides state car needs to be calibrated after certain repairs  
    • Training for ADAS- Vendor training (Worldpac)
  • Many people do not know they have ADAS features.
  • Learning curve
    • Manufacturers need to improve the system for re-calibration- can currently take hours to accomplish
    • Certification/state inspection for future
    • Many customers don’t even know they have ADAS system in their car
    • Should the independents hold ADAS classes once a month to counsel their customers on their tech features?
  • Barrier to entry
    • But many body shops cannot support ADAS
      • Don’t have space required
    • The technician   needs to get paid at least $40/hour
    • Equipment required
    • Requirements
      • Whoever does it must be properly trained and understand how the systems work
      • Must have the right tools
      • The right environment
        • Air-conditioned
        • Proper lighting
        • Clean
        • Enough space
      • There are a few unknowns such as weather being a factor and being able to drive the car straight at XX miles per hour.  A big challenge.
  • Create a niche business to do ADAS calibration that will be supported by the marketplace.
  • Fees for this commercial customers
    • Camera calibration $170
    • Lane departures/blind spot $170
    • Front ADAS $350
  • OE Glass vs Aftermarket
  • Prices of ADAS hardware is expensive today.
  • Matthew is attending all ADAS training venues.
  • ADAS if the next big thing.    


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