RR 407: Dennis Montalbano: He Survived a Heart Attack and Stroke and so Did His Business!

Dennis Montalbano was born in San Francisco and raised in San Jose. He started his career in the service station business and operated the largest Gulf station on the west coast in volume.

Dennis then became the youngest Snap-On Tools dealer at 22 years old and then the youngest Field Manager for Snap-On at 30 years old. He moved to Fresno in 1982 with Snap-On and purchased German Auto Repair in 1989.

Dennis shares his recent major health challenge and how he and his business survived. His message is clear, you need to have a plan. We are not immortal.

A classic car collector who owns his first purchased car, a 1956 Corvette that he has owned for over 45 years. He is also a trained California certified Lemon Law arbitrator for over 16 years. Dennis currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board.

As  ASCCA (Automotive Service Councils of California) President in 2011 and again in 2016, his passion for the industry is what drives him to serve. Listen to Dennis’ previous episodes HERE.


Key Talking Points

  • Aging of industry  
    • Dennis had a health scare that changed perspective for living each day- time goes by too fast
      • The doctor that performed surgery was a customer at the shop
    • Need to have a succession plan no matter what age shop owner is- surround yourself with the right people and cannot control the entire business yourself
      • Who has passwords?
      • Who can get into the bank account?
      • Who will pay the bills?
      • Who will lead?
    • The stress of business owner
      • Health issues due to stress common with both men and women in stressful positions  
      • Stress signs- waking up at 4 AM not because of alarm but because overthinking about something  
      • Delegate responsibilities-Can’t have the mindset that you are the only one that can do job or task correctly  
      • Can your business continue to run without you for 30 days? Plan for the unexpected and don’t back yourself into a corner you cannot get out of
      • Starting in the automotive industry and staying in it- As cars are evolving the technology and equipment side of business rapidly changing
      • What are your health requirements for business?
      • Denial- it won’t happen to me


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