Surviving Two Store Openings During the Pandemic [RR 750]

What is it like opening two locations at the dawn of COVID? David Eschbach shares his story around three primary business tenets. Each Take-Away is wrapped in a compelling story and supported by integrating sub-lessons. See the show notes as a guide, as this information is applicable for leading a business during any crisis or economic environment, not just during COVID.

David Eschbach, Spirt One Automotive, St. Louis, MO

Key Talking Points

  • Five Stages of Business- Obscurity, Awareness, Need, Change, Recommend
  • Awareness- understanding your voice and message is powerful. Include the spouse as 3rd party evaluator with reviews. “No one works for me, they work with me.”
  • Forfeiting the Right to Emotion- The difference between emotion and compassion. Dollars are for the owner. Victories are for the team.
  • Focus on Simple Victories Not Dollars
  • Marketing, Advertising and Branding: must be done daily, everyone is a prospect, don’t stop marketing even if you are busy and booked weeks out. Are you “coca-cola?” “Success is detrimental to your daily efforts” “Triumph only means your next effort has to produce bigger results.” Creating a Marketing Calendar. Marketing Everyday- The Everyday Habit. Understanding how to attract new customers. The failure of discounts and rebates, instead market experiences. Becoming an Influencer, let the relationship build your business
  • Your Health is the Health of your Business- your team counts on you for your decisions. The best decisions come from a healthy mind and body.

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