Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) [RR 751]

Is your shop a part of the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP)? If this is the first you are hearing about the Motorist Assurance Program, you just may be pleased to know that MAP provides repair and maintenance standards that create trust between the consumer and your business. Besides the consumer element. MAP follows and gets updates on state bills, guidelines, and regulations that you might not be aware of.

Jeff Cox, President, Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association 

Jim Bennett, Carmasters Automotive, Norfolk, VA, and  ATI Coach

Key Talking Points

  • MAP- The Motorist Assurance Program is an Automotive Industry initiative built on vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance standards developed over the last 25 years. The MAP standards were developed for the sole purpose of instilling trust in the relationship between you – the motorist – and your chosen MAP participating service provider.
  • MAP Vision- A world in which every motorist trusts the automotive maintenance and repair industry
  • MAP Mission- Dedicated to equipping the automotive maintenance and repair industry with standards that build trusted relationships with the motorist.
  • Building consistency and transparency with standards
  • Non for profit
  • Required vs recommend when it comes to safety and consistent communication with technicians 
  • $150 per year to join and be certified- online training and online test, when a group joins there is a group discount (NAPA BDG), will also join store locator on Available on mobile devices and computers.    
  • Accessing content/material-eLearning, API for DVI integration
  • MAP follows and gets updated on bills, guidelines, and regulations that states require that you might not be aware of. MAP also tracks and segments by category (oil-tire disposal etc). Also has a separate listing for federal laws
  • A free program for schools- contact
  • The Sears class action on shocks – a catalyst for MAP
  • Hosts technical conferences that members are invited to, and presentations of past conferences are also available online
  • Has consumer-based videos- (consumer-facing). Why the oil change is now $99.00, tire repair standards

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