The New ADAS L4 ASE Certification – Shepanek, Haugh, and Perkins [RR 761]

Have you heard about the new ASE L4 ADAS Certification? This test has been in development since January 2020 with the help of industry experts. My guests Matt Shepanek, Matt Haugh, and Keith Perkins say the certification is going to be a major differentiating factor when hiring technicians. We all know the best technicians are the ones constantly learning and training. Stick around for an inside look into the test development and tips on how to pass the test.

Matt Shepanek, VP, Credential Testing Programs, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

Matt Haugh, Director, Light Vehicle Test Development, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

Keith Perkins, L1 Automotive Diagnostics and Program, L1 Automotive Training, Listen to Keith’s previous episode HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Why do we need a test for ADAS?
  • Test developed over a two year period with industry subject matter experts from OEMs, trucking industry, collision and independent repair shops that diagnose repair and calibrate ADAS systems.
  • Test launched as a double length test so ASE can gather statistics on the questions.  Technicians that take the test now will receive a “certificate of completion” and then receive their actual score in the fall once we determine the pass score.
  • The ADAS Specialist Test has been in development since January 2020. The test was launched on May 17th, 2022. The test-launched as a double-length test so that we can gather statistics on the question and determine the passing score for the test. 
  • Late May 2022 – Late Summer 2022: L4 tests will have 80 questions and will have a 3-hour time limit.  Technicians taking the test during this window will receive a “notice of completion” and their L4 test result in myASE will show “Score Pending.” In early fall 2022, they will receive an email informing them that the results have been posted to their myASE account. At that time, score reports can be obtained through their myASE account.
  • Fall 2022 and later: The regular L4 test will have 50 questions and will have a 2-hour time limit. L4 test takers will receive a pass/fail score report at the test center and/or through their myASE account. There is a $34 registration fee plus a $100 Advanced Level test fee. To register for the regular L4 test, technicians must have passed the Automotive series A6: Electrical/Electronic Systems certification test or the Collision series B5: Mechanical & Electrical Components certification test. 
  • To become ASE L4 certified, technicians must pass the L4 test and provide evidence of THREE years of relevant, hands-on working experience (or an approved equivalent combination of formal training and hands-on working experience). Technicians can take the L4 test before they have the required experience, but they will not receive a certificate until they have submitted proof of work experience. 
  • The L4 test includes an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Composite Vehicle Reference document. This document will be available as an electronic pop-up document during the test.
  • The Composite Vehicle Reference document features descriptions of systems, components, calibration procedures, and wiring schematics. 
  • 50% of the questions will be generic, and 50% of the questions will be based on the Composite Vehicle. The Composite Vehicle Reference document must be used to answer these questions. Prior to taking the test, technicians should take the time to become familiar with the layout, systems, charts, procedures, and schematics in the Composite Vehicle Reference document. A copy of the document can be downloaded from 
  • In addition to the Composite Vehicle document, the ASE L4 Study Guide contains test specifications, a task list, sample questions, and additional training resources. Visit for more information.
  • Technicians really have to be aware of what’s on the car and aware of the different services, and considerations that might be included, touching different systems on a car.

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