Update: Training/Future of Hybrids and Ev’s with Craig Van Batenburg [RR 762]

I’m sitting with Craig Van Batenburg, CEO of Automotive Career Development Center [ACDC] and a former repair shop owner, with an update on the pulse of the industry and his business. Is it possible ACDC is the last existing brick and mortar building that operates strictly for training technicians Monday-Friday? Take a seat next to me and tune into our lively discussion about everything Hybrid and EV.

Craig Van Batenburg, AMAM, Automotive Career Development Center [ACDC]. Craig’s previous episodes HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Fixev.com  
  • 30 years in the future- 90%t of the cars are battery electric, repair shops are like a car wash, little preventive maintenance, the car-to-tech ratio is 10,000 cars per tech. There will be fewer techs
  • What new? Expanding facility, New ACDC trainer in Sydney, Australia
  • Getting the right people in place  
  • Shut down for Covid for 18 months- focused on ESP (Education Support Program)
  • Buying Tesla to learn from- Tesla has allowed the aftermarket to get a scan tool
  • New HEV – EV – FCEV eBook that was 5 years in the making. 
  • “Technicians are scientists.” 
  • You have to invest in people
  • Traveling 24/7 is never healthy
  • Craig’s “Break Out Box” was just sold to Harley Davidson Research and Design Center in Arizona
  • New committee- working with the state of Virginia to get high school students trained to fix DC charging stations, 38% of chargers don’t work

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