Crush Your Fears and Build a Sustainable Business [RR 840]

Recorded Live at Vision 2023, Maryann Croce shares her experience of overcoming fear as a shop owner. As a business owner, it’s normal to face fears and doubts about your ability to succeed. However, Maryann emphasizes that fear can hold one back and even paralyze them, but it’s crucial to crush those fears to find fulfillment and rewards in the daily grind of running a business. She also stresses the importance of running a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable business. Profitability allows for reinvestment in the business, team training, and giving back to the community. Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your goals as a business owner.

Maryann, Small Biz Vantage. Maryann’s previous episodes HERE.

Show Notes

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  • The Importance of Overcoming Fear [00:01:38]
  • The Three Keys to a Thriving Business [00:04:00]
  • Delegating Tasks and Empowering the Team [00:06:25] The fear of delegating tasks and the importance of empowering the team to grow and develop the business.
  • Overcoming fear and the benefits of running a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable business [00:07:41] The fear of losing relevancy, and the benefits of running a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable business.
  • The importance of enjoying what you do [00:09:50] The importance of enjoying what you do and how it can fuel you instead of draining you.
  • Fears associated with making the business enjoyable [00:13:28] The fears associated with stepping into the owner role, focusing on the owner role, messaging, and building and nurturing relationships.
  • Facing the Fear of Leadership [00:18:40] Overcoming the fear of leadership, delegation, and prioritizing tasks to become a better owner and leader.
  • Money Stories [00:22:02] The impact of personal money stories on being profitable and overcoming the fear of raising labor rates.
  • Importance of Networking [00:26:13] The importance of finding local networking groups and mentorship programs to help improve and grow your business.
  • Personal and Business Growth [00:28:47] The importance of personal growth and how it can lead to business growth, as well as the benefits of taking notes and prioritizing tasks.
  • Overcoming fear [00:30:09] The importance of facing fears and how imposter syndrome affects business owners.
  • Business growth [00:30:59] The business grows as the owners grow.

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