Alignments Taking Longer: Are We Charging Enough? [THA 323]

The automotive industry constantly evolves, with new technology and safety features being added to vehicles each year.  Are you investing in technology and education to stay competitive and provide quality service to customers? In this episode, we discuss the importance of charging enough for alignments and educating customers on the need for calibration and maintenance to ensure their safety on the road.

Bill Nalu, Interstate Auto Care, Madison Heights, MI. Listen to Bill’s previous episodes HERE.

Joe Hanson, Gordie’s Garage, Roseville, MI. Listen to Joe’s previous episodes HERE.

Justin Allen, Manufacture’s Rep, Hunter Engineering Company

Show Notes:

  • Watch Video Episode HERE
  • Alignments! Rates, Numbers and ROI [THA 303]
  • Selling alignments as maintenance [00:05:57] Discussion on the importance of selling alignments as maintenance service
  • The use of Hunter Lane Check [00:06:23]
  • The importance of printouts and pictures [00:07:28] Discussion on whether consumers need printouts or pictures of alignment results to believe they need an alignment.
  • Alignment as an Opportunity [00:08:31] Discussion on the high demand for alignment services and the opportunity it presents for business owners and customers.
  • Educating Customers and Shop Owners [00:09:32]
  • Alignment Inspection and Safety [00:10:20]
  • Proper Alignment Techniques and Training [00:10:59]
  • Charging for Alignments [00:12:23]
  • Educating Service Advisors [00:13:58] The importance of having talented service advisors who have been trained properly to work through different levels and tiers of alignment.
  • Teaching the Next Generation [00:15:23] The opportunity to bring in the next generation and teach them about alignment technology and how to properly service ADAS and calibrate targets.
  • Hunter Net System [00:16:24] Hunter Engineering’s online system for accessing visual aids and data on car safety system alignment.
  • Importance of Proper Alignment [00:18:56] Proper alignment is crucial for safety and avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Alignment as a Profitable Service [00:20:17] Alignments should be profitable on their own, not just as a supplementary service.
  • Recalibrating Steering Angle Sensor [00:24:01]
  • ADAS Calibration [00:25:32]
  • Preparing for Newer Vehicles [00:27:15] Importance of understanding the complexity of newer vehicles and the potential cost of alignments, especially with ADAS technology.
  • High-Tech Industry [00:33:21] Discussion on the high-tech nature of the automotive industry and the responsibility of repair shops to educate customers on the importance of calibration and maintenance.
  • Moving away from two-wheel alignment [00:37:42] Discussion on the need to move away from two-wheel alignment and the importance of educating clients on the purpose of alignment.
  • Alignment equipment frustration [00:38:40]
  • Customer experience and professionalism [00:39:37]
  • Challenges of technician training [00:40:50]
  • Shift towards multi-shop ownership [00:42:17]
  • ROI of Alignment Machine [00:44:19] Discussion on the ROI of the Hunter Lane Check alignment machine.
  • Embracing Technology [00:46:23] The importance of embracing technology and investing in the future of the automotive industry

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