My Technicians Won’t Go To Training: Why Not? [RR 875]

Our panel from NAPA Autotech Training, discuss key insights regarding the pivotal role of continuous training in the automotive aftermarket industry. What are the challenges of learning technical material after a demanding workday and is there the need for tailored training sessions that consider the environment and attention span of technicians? The NAPA Apprentice Program was highlighted for its self-paced approach, allowing apprentices to earn multiple ASE certifications in a span of two years. Beyond training, the panel stressed the significance of investing in technicians and the consensus emerged that prioritizing attitude and work ethic in technician hiring, rather than just skill sets, equals a successful workforce.

Allen Bass, Regional Manager, NAPA Autotech Training

Randy McClure, Regional Manager, NAPA Autotech Training

Scott Kochetta, Director, NAPA Autotech Training Sales & Business Development

Show Notes

  • Daytime vs Nighttime Training (00:01:31) Discussion on the effectiveness of daytime and nighttime training sessions and the challenges faced by technicians attending training after work.
  • Importance of Instructor Training (00:04:09) The importance of keeping instructors trained and up-to-date to ensure they can effectively engage and teach students.
  • Investment in EV Training (00:06:13) The challenges and investments involved in developing training content for electric vehicles and the increasing prevalence of EVs in the automotive industry.
  • The Build a Tech Program (00:08:55) Discussion on the importance of the Build a Tech Program in training technicians and providing them with career opportunities.
  • The Apprentice Program and its Benefits (00:16:46) Explains the competency-based curriculum of the apprentice program, the certifications earned, and the benefits for shops.
  • Learning Management Systems and E-Learning Library (00:19:07) Discusses the importance of a good learning management system (LMS) and the integration of the apprentice program and e-learning library.
  • Virtual Training and its Importance (00:21:45) Explores the significance of virtual training, its reach, and the need for it in areas where physical attendance is not feasible.
  • Training Equates to Retention (00:26:24) Discussion on the importance of training and how it leads to employee retention and positive culture.
  • Selling the Value of Training (00:27:43) The challenges of convincing shop owners to invest in training and the long-term benefits it brings to the business.
  • Hiring for Attitude and Work Ethic (00:30:46) Emphasizing the significance of hiring technicians based on their attitude, work ethic, and willingness to learn, rather than just their skill set.
  • The importance of investing in training (00:35:06) Discussion on how training is not just an expense but an investment in the future of the business and the technician.
  • Personal satisfaction in helping others (00:36:04) The fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from teaching and helping technicians improve their skills and future prospects.
  • Encouraging shop owners to invest in training (00:37:14) The importance of shop owners taking a leap of faith and investing in training for their technicians, with a story analogy to emphasize the point.

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