THA 124: So You Need an Accountability Coach?

THA 124

These guys brought their A game and really were extremely transparent about their own personal story. The panel’s message resonated and was on point about coaching and accountability. There is a lot of talk in the industry as to the value of an accountability partner or coach. It is a personal decision. It is not for everyone, but this summit will help you resolve some of your very own concerns and help you make a decision.

Barry Barrett covers the premise of the book that builds a foundation for negotiation on the basis of understanding the other party through empathy and active listening skills.

During Barry’s career as a Service Manager and top salesperson, he honed his talents in communicating with people.

Barry is tireless in his pursuit of excellence in the automotive industry and in all that he does. His passion for providing tools to train owners and their teams to the next level is unlimited. He is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach. Find Barry’s other episodes HERE.

Carlo Sabucco started in 1994 after attending several years at Ryerson University for business. Thereafter graduated Mohawk college Automotive Tech Program.  Carlo has devoted a great amount of time surrounding himself with some of the greatest shop owners in the market. Over the years, Carlo attended training from Bob Greenwood to Cecil Bullard, Dave Schedin, Elite and group process with Jim Murphy, thru to Kelly Bennett, now he is with ShopPros. Today Carlo operates Sils Complete Auto Care Centre, a successful 8 bay facility, approx 7,000 square feet on the east side of Oakville, Ontario. Listen to Carl’s previous episodes HERE.

Kevin Eckler is a native New Englander who moved to New York State’s Hudson Valley with his parents back in the mid-1980s.  Kevin began his automotive career at the age of 14, pushing a broom in a mom and pop shop in Rhode Island. He attended a trade school, graduating at the top of his class and went right to work as a tech in a prestigious Porsche/Audi dealership in Cape Cod.  Kevin continued his dealership work when he moved to NY and eventually came to work for two brothers who owned Foreign Car Specialists, Poughkeepsie, NY.  When the owners retired in 1995, Kevin bought the business and the rest is history. Find Kevin’s other episodes HERE.


Key Talking Points:

  • If you are not willing to be held accountable do not consider hiring a coach. Do not listen to this episode. Stop reading
  • If you admit that you do not know it all, you may benefit from an accountability coach
  • You need to find a coach where the relationship is of mutual respect
    • You will not listen to a person who you don’t value
  • Coaches are not trophy’s on the shelf. You must listen and do what you both decide on
  • Don’t pay if you will not play
  • None of Us is as Smart as All of Us
  • You need to find an accountability coach that is compatible with you. Not necessarily like you but understands you and will push you
  • Carlo found a ‘C’ suite coach to help him with his personal leadership skills. He also has a business coach
    • It allowed him to find an area that helps him and his business flourish
  • Not all coaching or all coaching is the same
  • The industry may not understand the ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’ business axiom and cannot admit that they could use help to discover what they need to know
  • Don’t judge the coaching industry by just one coaching experience or one interview
  • Consider that your leadership team help hold you accountable
  • CEO’s get paid to generate ideas
  • You must convince yourself that there is a better way. It is up to you who decides not your significant other, your partner, your friend or your coach. You.
  • Two of Barry’s core values
    • Humble Confidence
    • Radical Transparency
  • How to find a coach
    • Based on your need. What specific areas of improvement are you looking for?
    • Get referrals from others that have had success
    • Match your profile on an intellectual and emotional level
    • You may want a coach that has been in the industry
    • To understand my needs
    • They must be successful with others like me
  • Be willing to say we did it not I did it. It takes a village
  • Build your business so that it doesn’t collapse when you are not there
  • Make it a ‘get to’ not ‘have to’
  • Are you ready? Have you had enough? Rob Rowsell. See episode
  • When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
  • Expect that you will learn that you will fire some of your people so you can create a better team
    • You hired the wrong person or you created the wrong person
  • You have a good coach if they want to fire you for non-compliance. They should not take your money if you are a non-player.
  • A coaching relationship must be a fit. Expect your coach to do due-diligence on you as well your due-diligence on them.
  • Keep in mind good coaches pull the answers from you. Consultants give you the answers. You want a coach.
    • You may not like the questions you are asked. That is OK
    • Your answers to the questions give you ownership of the answer as you discover that you need to do to improve yourself or your business
  • Look to discover your bad habits and change them with your coach. f you don’t want to change; you may be the problem.
    • Sometimes you are in too close to see the big picture
  • Experience is the name we give to our mistakes. Barry Barrett
  • It starts by admitting your weaknesses.
  • Don’t things correctly is better than being proud. Find humility
  • You can judge people by considering if you would work for them
  • Knowledge paired with execution is where the power is
  • Pick the right coach who can help in the areas that you need
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Business
  • Are coaches the right fit for you. Are they emotional or business processes, numbers, KPI type of coach
  • When you get new eyeballs on your company you get new ideas and answers


  • A special thanks to Barry Barrett, Carlo Sabucco, and Kevin Eckler for their contribution to the aftermarket.
  • Books Page HERE
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