What about that old journal?

A great discovery in Oklahoma City when chalkboard drawings from 1917 were found at a high school. While remodeling Emerson High School, contractors found lessons nearly 100 years old underneath old chalkboards that were to be replaced with new whiteboards. The school principal said ‘It was like a spiritual moment because people who had lived and played and worked in here – a part of them is preserved”.

Have you unearthed some of your old writings lately? Go and find an old folder in the back of the file cabinet drawer. Or the real leather bound journals you used years ago to write your plans or thoughts, or even take meeting notes. If you save ‘important’ documents or notes, go back and read them. Even if you keep digital notes there’s gold in the archives!

I recently pulled out a few old journals and read them through. I was amazed at how much my thinking hadn’t changed but evolved and also how much I actually got done. How rare it is to visit your writings or notes from years or decades past. With a view of the ‘modern world’ your notes or writings may look or seem like an “I Love Lucy” rerun (same old same old) or there may be gold in those words, thoughts or ideas.

Never discount your old writings or ideas. Don’t discount the ‘think’ you had back then. It may still have value as an idea for today or to get you thinking about the time and place you were at back then; in the could-a, would-a, should-a world you were living in. Bring today’s fresh perspective to these thoughts and ideas. (Try them on for size)!

What’s your status? Where are you today in both position, success and role? How can you connect or relate what was back in the day to your world now. Recycling, refreshing and reusing your past ideas may save you time and bring joy and rewards in seeing the foundation you had, back in the day, come to life today.

You may also use these old note pages or journals to see just how far you have come in your thinking, responsibilities and leadership role.

If you want a quality trip through memory lane, to truly evaluate your personal and professional growth, get out the old journals or folders and get back to the future.

About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

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