Service Advisor Role Play #5 [THA 213]

Clint White has been passionately immersed in the Automotive Industry for over 25 years. He is an Owner / Service Advisor Coach / Shop Consultant with ShopVision and currently still holds his ASE Master Tech, Under Car Specialist, & Service Writer Certifications. He started wrenching full time at a small independent shop in 1995 and over the course of the next two and a half decades he has managed & teched at Midas, a Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership and a handful of independent repair facilities in Washington & S.E. Idaho.

During his journey he has never stopped learning and has been blessed to work for and with those who value education, training and coaching. He has been through various facets of automotive training including GM, ATI & RLO and even took it upon himself to attend Northwest University for 2 years to complete his Ministry Leadership degree to become a licensed Pastor all while successfully & profitably running a shop full time…(talk about being stretched!!!). Needless to say, his fire is lit !!!

In everything he does, Clint is focused on people and focused on excellence! Whether it be coaching & training Service Advisors to sell with passion & integrity or working directly with Shop Owners to improve team accountability and streamline process implementation, Clint’s passion is to elevate the Automotive Industry across the nation to ensure every customer consistently receives the highest level of service possible – every phone call, every visit, every repair, every time !

Dan McWilliams started his journey in the Automotive Service Industry on October 1998 when starting his education at Automotive Training Center in Exton, Pa during which he developed his passion for Automotive Service Excellence. Started working in the field as a technician January 1999. Graduated in May 2000 from Automotive Training Center with a degree in Specialized Automotive Service Technology. Has always strived for excellence and providing the best service by constantly attending training. After 17 years as an Automotive Technician during which becoming the lead technician He expanded his career into the Service Manager position in 2016. Dan has continued his passion to offer the best Automotive Service and is continuously training to learn to offer the best Client experiences for Automotive Repair with the goal of Owning and Managing his own Automotive Repair shop.

Benjamin R. Lesueur is the General Manager of Oxford Automotive. Ben is a young, driven individual who is motivated to learn and overcome obstacles unlike most of his peers. He has a vision for business growth and employee development to succeed in unison with his team and applies unconventional solutions to create remarkable results. Ben started his journey pushing a broom for the shop owner at Oxford Automotive back in 2018 when he graduated high school and has taken on every opportunity to grow the operation. James Church, the owner of Oxford, and Ben have taken a team-like mentality to both grow personally and professionally. Ben was promoted from pushing a broom to Service Manager within 2 years of service at Oxford and became the company’s first General Manager then a year later. This team’s success has allowed them to venture onto a second location and expand their operations beyond expectation. Through proper delegation, accepting feedback, and creating a very positive family like atmosphere Ben and his team have been able to create a winning operation for all members involved.

Scenario #1 (contains 2 parts)

SA: Clint, Customer: Dan, Observer: Ben

The goal of this 2-part role-play is to demonstrate the importance of  closing the expectation gap on the inbound (appointment setting) call and how vital it is to make the sale by building anticipation in the results of the DVI)

(Focus – Making the Sale)

PT-1: A first-time customer calls in to the shop to schedule a drop-off appointment on their 2012 Toyota Camry (4cyl / 118k miles) for a state-mandated safety inspection & emissions test.

PT-2: The SA calls the customer to discuss the results of the DVI as well as the findings on the state-mandated safety inspection and emissions test.       

Scenario #2

The goal of this roll-play is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the SA in how they calm the customer and build value in their services while retaining the sale

SA: Ben,  Customer: Clint,  Observer: Dan

(Focus – Saving the Sale)

A repeat customer with a 2014 Chevy Cruze (4cyl / 86k miles) has already authorized the replacement of the coolant outlet housing, the thermostat assembly, and a cooling system exchange for $650 and the work is already in progress. However, after calling a cheaper shop down the road to compare prices, they have called to stop repairs and come pick up their vehicle.

 Scenario #3

The goal of this roll-play is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the SA in scheduling deferred services at the cash-out

SA: Dan,  Customer: Ben,  Observer: Clint

(Focus – Setting up a Future Sale)

A new customer with a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 (5.3L, 4WD, 121K miles) is at the counter picking up and cashing out after having had an oil change, tire rotation, and air filter replacement. They were previously presented with a DVI and they elected to decline the following repairs. Front Brakes (less than 1mm & rotors deeply scored). 


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