Second in Command – A COO/GM Perspective [THA 236]

Chris Chagnon, GM and COO, Cardinal Plaza Shell, Springfield, VA

Jack Curran, G & C Tire and Auto Service, since 1996 two locations, Chantilly and Manassas, VA

David Huntley, GM/VP Greg’s Japanese Auto, 8 Locations in Greater Seattle, WA

Key Talking Points

  • COO/General manager is a day-to-day role, the CEO is focused on the future. Implementing CEO vision.
  • No shop is too small for a COO role
  • CEO letting go- stepping back from the day-to-day customer-facing tasks, accepting and trust between each other with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The CEO needs to want the business to grow and have COO role. 
  • COO training- promote from within business who has the insights and initiative, training classes for COO, mentor, networking groups, coaching groups
  • COO challenges- manage the CEO and them keep on track and direct reports below you
  • COO strengths needed- Challenge COO and have different approaches without fear of being yelled at or retribution. The memory of ‘gold fish’ at times-let any negativity behind. Can’t be afraid to try new things. Stagnation kills businesses. Attention to detail- pay attention to the smallest things in business without being a micromanager. Adapt and make changes constantly. Continue to move employees forward with personal growth. Self-aware and constructive. Know the financials.
  • Make The Noise Go Away: The Power Of An Effective Second-In-Command  
  • A special thanks to Chris Chagnon, Jack Curran and David Huntley for their contribution to the aftermarket.

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