RR 339: Geek Talk 2.0 Part One – Tech Talk From Aftermarket Professionals

OK here is how Geek Talk 2.0 got started. In the Town Hall Academy on SMS systems episode 65 we got on a ‘tech talk’ roll. It got very interesting and at the end of the episode, we decided to create this episodic series called Geek Talk 2.0.

Talking Geek can be a full-time job in our industry. With tech changing at light speed, we thought it a good idea to talk about it and maybe even debate it in an episodic series.

Our goal will be to inform you of important tech areas of your business that you need to pay attention to. In this episode, we talk cloud-based systems, how to protect yourself from ransomware, a little ADAS talk and why your involvement in the laws of your state regarding autonomy and who controls the data is so important. Having an independent at the table will make a big difference for the aftermarket.

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The Panel:

Greg Buckley is the CEO the 50 + year young Buckley Personalized Auto Care in Wilmington, DE. He’s a member of ASA, an ATI Coach, a member of the Delaware Automotive Service Professionals, past member of the NAPA advisory board council, is vice-president of NAPA business development groups, and is involved as an advisory board member of Kukui, along with AutoVitals. Hear Greg’s previous episodes HERE.


Chris Cloutier is co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care in Dallas Texas. He spent many years in the software industry developing solutions for companies like Southwest Airlines, and Wyndham Intl. He’s worked for companies that understood the marriage of service and software, and have applied it in an effective way. Chris has his ASE C1: Automobile Service Consultant Certification Test (C1). He brings the business side to the business and his brother Pat brings the Braun. Chris is also a musician. Hear Chris’s previous episodes HERE.


Karim Morsli owner of Winkler Automomotive in Gaithersburg, MD,  is an engineer by trade who has worked in the oil fields and information technology industry. Karim is passionate about the new direction the automotive industry is taking, and in particular, the critical role independent service centers will need to evolve into to ensure all present and future car owners will have the choice of where to have their vehicle serviced besides the dealership.

Karim is an innovator who works on multiple levels within the industry (education and legislative) to ensure his service center and others like his are ready for the challenges ahead. Always one to practice an open door approach, he is always willing to teach and share his knowledge and is also an avid learner. Listen to Karim’s previous episodes HERE.


Bill Nalu is President of Interstate Auto Care in Madison Heights, Michigan and has been in business for 30 years.  Bill collaborates with industry professionals, in building today’s “high-tech/old-fashioned” customer service system.Bill has been a big contributor to the podcast and he currently serves on several industry and educational advisory councils including AutoValue/Bumper to Bumper, Dorman Industries, and Cardone. Listen to Bill’s previous episodes HERE.


Tracy Martin has been involved in the automotive aftermarket for over 40 years. He is the author of six, Motor Books Workshop Series book including: “How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems,” “Motorcycle Electrical Systems Troubleshooting and Repair” and “How to Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners.” In addition to books, Tracy has written hundreds of articles and product reviews for Powersports magazines including Motorcycle Consumer News, Road Bike, American Iron, Dealer News and others. He also writes for Motor Age and Aviation Aftermarket Defense magazines. Though long-lapsed, Tracy holds an A.S.E. Master Technician Certification. Listen to Tracy’s previous episodes HERE.


Ollie Branche, Network Specialist


Key Talking Points:

  • Cloud bases systems.
    • SMS, DVI
    • Are not applications that run remotely from your office on a server.
    • They require redundancy, running on major data farms, have large pipes for the flow of data.
    • Everything that runs your shop runs on the cloud so you can prevent a ransomware attack.
  • You do have the option to set up your system on a cloud server like Amazon. But you need to be aware that your SMS software can take advantage of the cloud server. You also need to be aware of licensing.
  • The power of the cloud is to be able to grow and shrink based on loads.
  • Ransomware is a problem and for those pirates, it is automated, and it may just be a matter of time that you may get infected if you do not have the proper protection.
  • Use Google Docs so you make those spreadsheets and documents on the cloud.
  • Cloud-based helps lower your risk no matter if you get held for ransom or your drive or computer dies.
    • Having your data backed up online allows your business to keep running in case of a tech calamity.
  • How to protect yourself.
    • Google Docs
      • Your processes and procedures. Careful who you share it with.
      • Spreadsheets of major KPIs, budgets
    • Financial programs
  • Compare your data to a camera system in your shop. No different on how you are protecting yourself.
  • An open port in your router is like an open door to your business 24/7.
  • Employees plugging in their USB keys as well. That is actually the number 1 vulnerability of a business’ network
  • Backup your system in the cloud.
    • Norton has a cloud backup option.
  • The #1 defense against ransomware is backup
  • Do not store any data that a hacker would want:
    • Credit card data, Social Security Numbers, Driver License Numbers
    • If your data is compromised it will get sold on the dark web.
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) can open your vulnerability to intrusion.
  • When should our hardware be updated/ changed?
    • Things don’t change much at the networking level.
    • You need to change hardware is up to your operating system updates. You may lose support for an older operating system.
    • Another benefit of the cloud.
  • We officially ran out of IP addresses in 2017. We are now IPV6. Your phone runs on IPV6 and there is a translation layer. (Geek Talk!!)
  • We need to get the information on autonomy to our customers. We need to help them understand the tech on their vehicle.
    • As shop owners, we need to understand ADAS and Level 3 Autonomy.
    • We should be showing them how their car will react because of Level 3 Autonomy. They will remember the lesson you provided.
  • We must be ready as shop owners we must support our association lobbyist to ensure we get the data so we can repair the cars. The data from each vehicle that is going to the cloud is terabits per day.
    • We must demonstrate that we can handle and secure the data.
  • Greg joined the Autonomous Council of Delaware as an independent.
    • The voice of the independents needs to be at your state panel. Get involved.
  • As tech advances, we will need to find a higher level of professionalism, so we will earn the confidence from the government, OE’s, and insurance companies, that we can be trusted with data and sophisticated repairs of ADAS vehicles.
  • It is time to step up and get our voice heard.
  • Will an OBDII Telematics Plug-In (Dongle) help connect our customer?

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