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Are You Meeting Your Customer Expectations?


Share this…Customers want a great experience. They have preconceived expectations on how their experience with you is going to happen. Will it be as good as in the past. Will it be better than the dealer or the shop they patronized who is now closed?  Every time we set out to do business, even a…

Is it Just Me or Do You Feel the Forces of Change?


Share this… Are change forces blowing harder and faster than we realize? And are we creating them? A restaurant in my town decided to rent some space in an office tower next to our AAA Ball Park. It just happens that the Toronto Blue Jays are playing there because of the pandemic (Canadian/US border lockdown).…

How Good Are Your Customer Basics?


Share this… Flour, water, salt, and yeast makes bread. Just about every recipe has these ingredients. That’s pretty basic and most ingredients are most likely in your kitchen. It is known that baking is science while cooking can be more art than science. Yet both require the knowledge of what the ingredients do to the…

A Rolling Billboard Got Me Thinking


Share this… Traveling on the New York State Thruway I came upon a semi with a massive ad, on its back door, that spoke to me. It said, ‘Become A John Deere Technician.’ I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Did it hit you as it did me? So many thoughts scurried through my…

Ingenious. Clean – Part of the New Normal


Share this… Visiting a Tim Hortons Coffee shop I experienced what is the new normal as it comes to cleanliness at fast food or for that matter any type of restaurant. You may ask who is Tim Horton? Why not Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Plain and simple I like the coffee. If you are Canadian…



Share this… Mastering I recently saw a Lexus commercial that was themed ‘Mastering’. If you are like me and look outside the box to become inspired and insightful, what could you do with the word Mastering? How could you bring that to your culture? How could you make it part of your customer experience or…

No One Gets There Alone


Share this… I did it my way. Remember the song? If I would ask any successful business person if they flew solo through their career, the high majority would say they had help. Many executives in major companies hire coaches to help them with skills they need to grow and lead. I know a few…

Down Time – What To Do With It!


Share this… For many of us, there is some extra time in our schedule. Imagine the times we used to think about things to do if we had some extra time on our hands. I know your business is essential and open. Kids are home. But still, there is extra time on your hands. I’ve…

Binge Worthy Listening Part 1


Share this… We may have some downtime on our hands as we deal with COVID-19 It is time to schedule training sessions in light of having extra time available. There are many things that can be done from equipment maintenance, painting, repairs, fix-up, clean up and training. Dig out the seminar books from the last…

Secret Sauce. Really?


Secret Sauce. Really? Keeping secrets thinking that someone will duplicate what and how you do things is furthest from reality