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Hungry? Where’s the Food Truck?


The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (That also applies to women). Growing up I heard that many times. I know it to be true. We are all pushovers for a good meal. Breaking bread with family and good friends provides a great feeling of love and togetherness. In business whenever…

How Frank Lloyd Wright got me going for Broke!

Darwin Martin

It was a rainy weekend with close friends visiting from Florida. This summer has been very rainy so far; our payoff for a very long hard Buffalo winter (tongue planted firmly in cheek). But I digress. For Florida residents heading up north for a summer retreat is a smart idea to escape the ninety degree…

Eleven Rules for Life!


It’s great to find a top ten or eleven list of great common sense rules that, for the most part, cannot be argued with. These can be adapted to your thinking in an instant. There was a time when these eleven where attributed to Bill Gates, but it is not true.  These are an excerpt…

Top 10 List!


  Do you have a list of your top customers? I’m sure you do. However it may be in the wrong place. I’ll bet many of you have it filed in your head. A very safe place. You’ll never lose it! I suggest that list be written down, managed and known to your team. Your…

Woody Allen was right: ‘80% of life is showing up’!


  This quote is taken from a book a book by George Lois called Damn Good Advice. George Lois is an advertising legend and creator of breakthrough ad campaigns. I liked reading this book as it shows Lois’s genius in 120 lessons with the Woody Allen quote, above, being one of them. I think back…

Don’t Chase The Pain


I had some bad pulled muscles in my neck so I decided to get a massage. I explained to my masseuse exactly what happened, where my pain was and what would happen when I moved my neck. He started working on my upper body and arms but not on my neck. I said ‘What about…

How Would I Beat Us!


How would I beat us? What a novel approach to making sure you are firing on all cylinders. A challenge when you get a chance to put on your competitors hat and program your business strategies against YOU. For my way of think this is a very exciting exercise. Here is one way to do…

Let passion drive your success.


‘Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion’, Tony Hsieh.  Entrepreneur Tony Hsieh must know what he is talking about, he is the CEO of Zappo’s is an extraordinary eTailer with a customer service culture that companies want to emulate. They drove their success selling shoes with fast and free shipping and returns.…

Perfect Customer. Shaping YOUR Avatar.


Have you spent time developing who your target customer is? Do you really know when that ‘perfect customer’ walks in your door? Shop owner Gene Morrill from Certified Automotive in Glendora, CA, a Motor Age top shop winner 5 out of the last 7 years, makes this a critical part of his strategy. You must…

Starbucks: A Lesson In Value


David Fishof’s book ‘Rock Your Business’ was a great read. If you wanted to know about Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp and how a rock promoter and sports agent got started and grew a very successful business; a fun read. There are some great stories in this book about leadership, patience, preparation and persistence. One…

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