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Secret Sauce. Really?


Secret Sauce. Really? Keeping secrets thinking that someone will duplicate what and how you do things is furthest from reality

Eleven Tips for Creating ‘Extreme Employee Loyalty’


Share this…It is not important that you love to come to work and enjoy what you do? With my ear to the ground as the aftermarket podcast guy, an enduring culture rings strong as one of the most important strategies of an extremely successful business. One critical component of that success and the only way…

The Power of Your Story is Effective Marketing


Share this… I picked up a book recently and could not put it down. I mean it. It grabbed me and I realized that this was the perfect read for the automotive aftermarket professionals. The advice resonated with me and I realized how wrong many of us have been as it relates to marketing our…

Do You Know the Enemy of Leadership?


Share this… I recall a few leadership lessons I learned in my life that continue to haunt me. I would bet and surely win if you and I had an honest one-on-one session and compared my blunders as a leader with yours. My bet is that you micromanaged your way to become a leader and…

Technician Training Strategies and Rewards


Share this… Training is a top-five strategy in the automotive service business. Shop owner CEO’s must focus on culture, marketing, financial results, processes and creating a learning culture in their business among others. Owners must lead the way by attending business management/CEO training. Training is a retention tool; keep that in mind. Shop owners must…

Succession – Planning One of Your Biggest Decisions


Share this… Ready to Sell Or Succeed Your Business? Is Your Business Attractive to a Potential Buyer? Do You Have an Internal Candidate To Buy Your Business? Statistically, 88% of current family business owners believe the same family or families will control their business in five years. However, succession statistics undermine this belief. According to…

The Extreme Value of Shop Tours


Share this… I will never forget putting a call out to shop owners who wanted to tour of Frank European in Las Vegas in November 2018. I was doing a live broadcast for Town Hall Academy from Franks highlighting the value of shop tours. Thirty shop owners showed up to not only give their input…

Ready for your next shop?


Share this… I am one of the luckiest people in the industry, I get a chance to pull together smart people who have a passion for sharing and helping others. In the Town Hall Academy podcast panel discussions we cover the context of the automotive aftermarket. One ongoing conversation in the podcast is consolidation. Now…

Seeding Our Future Technicians is Your Responsibility.


Share this… I keep hearing about that greatest challenge in the aftermarket, a technician shortage. Recently instead of listening to the ‘woe is me’ story, I asked, ‘How are we going to fix it?’ and no surprise, there were great answers to this question. The top solutions to the tech shortage are not new, but…

Concierge Service


Share this… I have completed over 400 interviews with aftermarket professionals and there have been a few common threads I have been hearing as of late, they include: Getting paid for what you do. Letting ethics and integrity drive your business culture. Using quality parts. Paying attention to your numbers and measuring your KPI’s. (Key…