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Do you suffer from Situational Awareness?


Share this…Did you hear the news? American distance runner Molly Huddle lost the bronze medal in the world championships in Beijing recently because she celebrated what she thought was a win too early. The headline August 26th, 2015: American runner’s early finish line celebration causes her to lose medal As I listened to local radio personalities discussing…


Nine differentiators to make your customers say WOWW!


Share this… Southwest is different and continues to be. What other airline has copied or mimicked what they do that makes them a stand out? In general the answer is no one. They are known for a different boarding process, a great baggage fee program and no cost flight change program. Ever thought about your business? What…


Six Month Evaluation!


Share this… What have I learned, so far, this year … or my half year checkup. You can do something you are passionate about if you commit and go all in. No half-way, no fringing. It takes a plan and a focus and belief. It’s the road you choose and the forks in the road that defines your trip…

Five Reasons to Love Podcasts


Share this… Podcasting is on fire. Guess who just started a podcast? Jack Welch, former chairman of GE has launched. Mark Maron’s WTF podcast had the president on in July 2015. Podcasting was birthed in 2004 through the merge of the words iPod and Broadcasting. Podcasting is growing at great clip and listeners are locked…

Explaining Social Media to your Chamber of Commerce


Share this… You got a phone call from the local chamber because you are a very active member of your community and are the center hub of knowledge and expertise when it comes to vehicle service and repair. You are actually in a very techy industry. Vehicles run on computers, you create a ticket or…

Hungry? Where’s the Food Truck?


Share this… The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (That also applies to women). Growing up I heard that many times. I know it to be true. We are all pushovers for a good meal. Breaking bread with family and good friends provides a great feeling of love and togetherness. In…

Darwin Martin

How Frank Lloyd Wright got me going for Broke!


Share this… It was a rainy weekend with close friends visiting from Florida. This summer has been very rainy so far; our payoff for a very long hard Buffalo winter (tongue planted firmly in cheek). But I digress. For Florida residents heading up north for a summer retreat is a smart idea to escape the…

Eleven Rules for Life!


Share this… It’s great to find a top ten or eleven list of great common sense rules that, for the most part, cannot be argued with. These can be adapted to your thinking in an instant. There was a time when these eleven where attributed to Bill Gates, but it is not true.  These are…

Top 10 List!


Share this…   Do you have a list of your top customers? I’m sure you do. However it may be in the wrong place. I’ll bet many of you have it filed in your head. A very safe place. You’ll never lose it! I suggest that list be written down, managed and known to your…

Woody Allen was right: ‘80% of life is showing up’!


Share this…   This quote is taken from a book a book by George Lois called Damn Good Advice. George Lois is an advertising legend and creator of breakthrough ad campaigns. I liked reading this book as it shows Lois’s genius in 120 lessons with the Woody Allen quote, above, being one of them. I…