RR 433: The Importance of Third Party Credentials | Creating a Learning Culture in Your Business

Trish Serratore is the Senior Vice President of  Communication at ASE

She works closely with all of the organizations within the ASE Industry/Education initiative, which also includes ASE and the Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC), to help provide the qualified automotive professionals the industry needs today and tomorrow. Links to Trish’s episodes HERE.

Jeff Peevy, AMAM, is the President of Automotive Management Institute (AMI). Jeff’s previous episodes HERE.

Jeff Peevy Email:  jpeevy@amionline.org

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Key Talking Points:

  • AMi and ASE credentials are important because the individual wants to verify their knowledge and experience on the subject
  • ASE 47 Year Anniversary-June 16th
    • One of the most mature credentials in any industry
  • The Future of ASE: A new way to maintain certification without going to a test center using a smart device
  • If we don’t use ASE credentialling we may lose it.
  • Tests are assumptions that you’ve learned and can apply
  • Credentials- more important than ever, prove to customers and your shop owner you know what you’re doing
  • A strong learning culture of successful businesses learn and share knowledge. They get most out of equipment, have fewer turnover employees and have an empowerment rich environment
    • Sustainability and being competitive starts and end with the ability to learn
    • Shops that included those expectations in job descriptions when looking for new hires found a better pool of individuals- more educated and eager to learn    
    • Increase retention by investing in employees
    • Employers should never apologize for sending employees to training  
  • AMi has a powerful Learning Management System
    • There are 3,600 active students earning their professional designation
    • Doing post-assessment to earn credit
  • ASE is working on an ADAS test


  • Thanks to Trish Serratore and Jeff Peevy for their contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast.
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