Localizing National Training [THA 156]

The Panel:

Bryan Gossel, BG Automotive, Fort Collins CO  Brian’s Previous Episodes HERE.

Phil Carpenter, Director of Operations, Urban AutoCare and Avalon Motorsports.

Judi Haglin and husband Dana own Haglin Automotive Inc., a full-service auto repair shop in Boulder, CO, and they’ve been leaders in the Boulder auto repair industry since 1981.

Judi and Dana have a super working relationship and they pay attention to details, share a core value; ‘Everyone Speaks’ that is part of their strong business culture.

They received Motor Age’s Top Shop honor in 2015. Key to their success is they know their roles and together make a strong business owner. They say, “Fixing cars is secondary, we are primarily solving our customer’s problems”. Judi’s previous episodes HERE.

Brad Pellman first started working in the automotive industry at the age of 15 and over his career has held a wide variety of jobs at both dealerships and independent repair shops. In 1995 this dream of owning his own shop became a reality when he opened up Pellman’s Automotive in Boulder, CO with his wife, Lisa.

Brad is ASE master certified and AAM designated as well. He is currently on the Board of Directors for ASE and ASA Colorado, with past board involvement with CCPN and the TECHNET Automotive Council. He has had the added privilege of being designated as one of the Motor Age Top shops in the country. And hopes to continue to raise the awareness and importance of Independent automotive repair across the country. Brad’s previous episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points:

  • Training is Maintenance
  • Why is the participation low at so many regional and/or national events
  • Listen to the commitment from Phil Carpenter as to the number of venues and how many of his team are going to matter how far including Vision, ASA Colorado Summit and STX
  • Localize training with your fellow shop owners. Don’t call them competitors call them allies
  • Classes for technicians, service advisers and owners
  • The power of networking beyond the training
  • Build grassroots in your community and create a culture of sharing
  • Be the hand up not the handout. Give.
  • Also, be willing to receive and then implement a great idea. Don’t regret for years not implementing
  • Realize that there is enough business for everyone. You cannot fix all the cars
  • A good shop wants the shop across the street to be as good as them
  • Same faces show up for training
  • When will shops hit the wall because they are not training? Many may have already
  • Bring in national trainers to your marketplace, get together with your allies and split the costs
  • Have all local competitors work together on training. There is no competition when it comes to the power and value of training
  • If you don’t implement the key things you learn you just wasted your time
  • When you teach you learn
  • ADAS training should be required for all owners, techs and service advisers. Understanding the complexities and calibration routines will help communicate with your customer and respect the technology while working on an ADAS equipped vehicle
  • Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness
  • Consider a training bonus at year-end
  • Pay for all training
  • Do not ask for a written commitment to stay with the shop after you invest in training
  • Find a close friend who owns a shop and work together as collaborator and an ally


  • A special thanks to Bryan Gossel, Brad Pellman, Phil Carpenter, and Judi Haglin for their contribution to the aftermarket.
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