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Shop Owners / Entrepreneurs

RR 379: A Banker and a Master Tech Build a BMW Specialty Shop – Down Under

THA 092: The Extreme Value of Shop Tours

RR 377: Gary Smith – The Knowledge Of Electricity Is The Basis Of Every Solution To A Diagnostics Problem

RR 376: The Undeniable Rise of Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)

THA 091: Workshop – Service Adviser Roleplay – Part 2

RR 375: Trained By Techs – Creating a Training Commitment Inside All Shops

RR 373: Shop Talk 5 – Retired and Still Helping the Industry

RR 372: Edwin Hazzard – Training is the Responsibility of the Technician

THA 089: Open Four, Five or Six Days a Week. You Decide.

RR 370: Darren Garlock Treating Company Culture and Customer Retention Alike!

THA 088: Everything I Did Wrong and What I Learned

RR 369: Patrick McHugh. Using a Scoreboard to Manage Shop Performance.

RR 368: Shop Talk 4. Gaining New Customers Through Marketing Automation.

THA 084: Buying Technician Tools: Create Your Program!

RR 361: Scott and Michael Waddle. Owner and Prodigy. Father and Son.

RR 360: Shop Talk 3 – Millennial Shop Owners.

THA 083: What Separates the Outstanding Technicians

RR 359: Mike Maleski. PSK Performance – Underappreciated So He Opened His Own Shop.

THA 082: Acquisition Strategies

RR 357: Shop Talk Volume 2- Women Shop Owners

RR 355: Andrew Emery from Antero Automotive has The Best Job in the World

RR 352: Rocky Khamenian. Uniting The Industry’s Great Divide!

THA 079: What Drives Your Parts Buying Decisions?

THA 078: Low Hanging Financial Fruit That Will Increase Your Profits


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