Don’t Base Your Success On Probability – Ken Zanders [RR 822]

“There are many roads you can follow, but there may only be one road that leads to the right way.” Industry trainer Ken Zanders opens this episode with a story about ‘When Harry Met Ken,” a spoof on the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” Ken describes his technician friend, Harry, who is always looking for a quick fix without gathering the full information. Too often, when facing a diagnostic problem or challenge in the shop, we jump to find the quick fix. How can we ‘slow down to speed up’ in our daily lives?

Ken Zanders, ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician with L1 Advanced Engine Performance. Ken has extensive training with various OEMs and has obtained Master Certification through many of their programs. Ken is a committed instructor striving to give something back to the automotive service community.

Show Notes

  • There are many roads that you can follow, but there may only be one road that leads to the right way.
  • Stop hoping for the quick fix.
  • You can’t go in blindsided. Get the full story on what the complaint is. First, confirm what the concern is. Take that information or data that you gather and make a decision based on what you have reviewed and witnessed.
  • Win or lose, do your best.
  • Don’t base your success on probability.  
  • Time- We don’t know how much we have, and you must start thinking about family. You have to start thinking about the time at the shop. You have to start thinking about your life, period. What can you do to better to utilize that account in reference to time?
  • What is your five-year game plan?
  • Virtual training complements face-to-face training, it allows you to reach a large number of people in one sitting.
  • Find your niche, become the best, and offer those services to your customers.
  • Ken Zanders- subject: Podcast

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