Alignments Taking Longer: Are We Charging Enough? [THA 323]

The automotive industry constantly evolves, with new technology and safety features being added to vehicles each year.  Are you investing in technology and education to stay competitive and provide quality service to customers? In this episode, we discuss the importance of charging enough for alignments and educating customers on the need for calibration and maintenance to ensure their safety on the road.

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Going Electric in California [THA 320]

California is mandating 100% of new cars and light trucks sold will be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. How will electric vehicles change the composition of our industry? What are the service opportunities? Should you start working on hybrids if you haven’t already? Hear from the perspectives of 3 California shop owners that are ready and prepared for the future.

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Service Advisor Overload: Part 2 [THA 312]

We are on Part 2 of our Service Advisor Overload discussion because we couldn’t fit it all into 1 episode! Did you know most shops are missing $300-500k in gross profit dollars because their service advisor doesn’t have the time to tap into those dollars? You must build a wall of support around your service advisor.

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Ask Ortho – Eric Turkington and Kim Conti [RR 815]

Let’s talk about voice assistants for employee efficiency. Technicians need quick and reliable access to accurate data for servicing vehicles. What if they could stay in their bay and ask ‘Hey Ortho’ to check fluid types and receive a response within seconds? Join Eric Turkington, Vice President of Growth, and Kim Conti, Vice President of Product, as they discuss Ortho, the next high tech tool for the automotive industry.

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Service Advisor Overload [THA 305]

How many different hats and roles do service advisors have? Are they your social media manager, fleet manager, shuttle driver, facility manager, vendor manager,  receptionist and more? The efficiency of your service advisor is critical for the overall health of your business. Watch Episode HERE Dave Schedin, CompuTrek Automotive Management Systems. Dave’s previous episodes HERE Clint White, Service…

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What We Can Learn From Our Dentist [RR 789]

Why is adapting to technology important? Keeping up with the latest technology is key to any successful enterprise. It is a requirement today. It increases flexibility, streamlines operations, and helps you adjust your forward progress. I’m with Chris Cloutier and Craig ONeill at ASTE 2022, and we discuss the four ‘Ts’ … technology, touch, trust, and transparency. The inspiration for this episode stemmed from Tracy receiving a video from an orthodontist’s office and how it can be easily implemented in our industry.

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Why Do a Repair Order Audit? [THA 286]

Are you chasing the KPI’s in your business without pausing and diving into what creates those Key Performance Metrics? Are you reviewing repair orders? The amount of data filtered properly from an RO Audit will astound you. Use the data from a Repair Order Audit to refine your business.

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Do You Have a 40% Close Rate For Pre Scheduled Appointments? Brett Beachler [RR 758]

How do your service advisors close their sales with a customer? Are they pre-scheduling for future maintenance appointments? Brett Beachler’s business has a 40% close rate for pre-scheduled maintenance appointments. He discusses how to make your current customers, your future customers.  Grab a pen and paper or head to the shownotes on this episode. You don’t want to miss Brett’s closing presentation that can be implemented in your business.

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Are You Offering ‘Only’ Synthetic Oil Services? [THA 270]

Questions, what is your customer oil change service like?  Have you transitioned to ‘synthetic only’ oil for your customers? How do you stock all grades and weights? The days of $20 oil changes every 3 months is gone. My panel of shop owners discuss why they have synthetic only oil service and how it’s improved their efficiency in the bays and for their customers. If you have not implemented this business strategy learn in this episode why you need to do it.

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Creating Lifetime Customers – Brittany Schindler [RR 684]

Creating Lifetime Customers [RR 684]

Establishing a connection with your customers and being able to keep them coming back is always a challenge for the automotive industry. How do you build loyalty and ensure customers are educated properly? In this episode, Brittany Schindler answers that question with easy-to-follow steps her service advisors implement every day, including a lifetime warranty for customers. Keep listening and brainstorm what you could change in your business.

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Ask: What Are Your Car Pains? ™ [RR 656]

Ask: What Are Your Car Pains? ™ [RR 656]

How do you maintain your health? Do you eat properly, exercise and see professionals with routine appointments such as doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and the list goes on. We also see those specialists when we don’t feel well. Now think about your customer’s vehicle. They rely on it for transportation, and it carries precious cargo such as kids, spouses, and pets. Shouldn’t maintaining their vehicle be the same as maintaining your health? This episode with Rob Choisser should get you to re-think what you do for your customer.

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Service Advisor Role Play #5 [THA 213]

Service Advisor Role Play #5 [THA 213]

Our role play subjects cover closing the expectation gap on the appointment setting call and understanding the importance of building anticipation in making the sale after the results of the DVI. We also covered how to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Service Advisor in calming the customer while building value in their services and retaining the sale. Lastly, we talked about the effective way in deferring services at the cash-out. All important and vital in building you or service advisor team.

The panel includes Clint White from Shop Vision, Dan McWilliams from Quality Service Center and Ben Lesueur from Oxford Automotive. They put their service advisor strategies for you to follow.

Find ways to compare and improve your confidence and comfort in the face of your customer. Together we have something here. This episode’s key talking points are already done for you. Find them at

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Pre Scheduling Appointments – The Time Has Come [THA 207]

THA 207 Pre Scheduling Appointments – The Time Has Come

Welcome to the 207th episode of the Town Hall Academy. Right up front l want to warn you. This discussion may just change the way you do business. I want you to give it your all and when done implement the tactics you discover. I know your business will blossom.

Scheduling future appointments is not a new concept. You know about it but have never decided it was good for your business or your customer. We have solid statistics that demonstrate that 59% of your customers are willing and ready to accept a future appointment for maintenance service. Ever walk out of the dentist’s office without your next hygiene appointment. How about a hair salon?

I’m with Bill Thompson, Craig Noel, and Greg Skolnik. Bill Thompson brings his critical data to support this strategy, Greg has been doing this for years and has the data to prove the strength of the strategy and Craig is starting to pre-book now.

There was a ton of passion flowing throughout this episode. I believe you’ll be moved to start in your business. So …. Let’s talk about it.

This episode’s key talking points are already done for you. They reside on the show notes page at Enjoy.

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Service Advisor Advice from Steve Shaw [RR 586]

Service Advisor Advice from Steve Shaw [RR 586]

Service advisor consultant trainer Steve Shaw of Steve Shaw Training brings his unique brand of training. Steve has some great ideas and concepts that can help you grow sales therefore dropping that margin gain directly to the bottom line. Steve Shaw teaches service advisors to get customers’ permission.

Steve shares 5 key reasons customers buy And he wants you to change the wording when you sell maintenance. There is also a simple approach to selling tires.

Steve also adds techniques in this episode. He advises, if you follow the tools and training you will sell more. He extends his understanding of customer behavior to your advantage. This episode can answer why customers buy and offer some great ideas on selling maintenance and tires.

Find the show notes at

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Becoming the CEO – Bob Greenwood [RR 507]

Bob Greenwood, AMAM (Accredited Master Automotive Manager) is President and C.E.O. of Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd. (AAEC). It is a company focused on providing Business Management Resources and Development for the Independent Sector of the aftermarket industry. It’s content and technology is recognized as part of the curriculum of the Fixed Operations Diploma and the…

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RR 399: Service Talk 1 – The Service Adviser | Center of the Hub – Customer – Technician – Owner

Service Talk Part 1 – The Center of the Hub: Customer – Technician – Owner

Service advisors are the liaisons between the customer, technicians and the owners. Their job is one of the most important in the aftermarket service industry.
Trust and Communications are the keys to building a relationship with your customer. Trusting your tech is also critical to building a strong relationship.

We talk female service advisors, curb appeal, the disadvantage of being a former technician and how to get the owner to make the SA the point person, among other topics.

I’m so glad to welcome Racheal Barraclough, Service Manager at Amton Auto & Truck, Chris Johnson, Service Manager at Total Automotive, and Nick Herberger, Service Manager at Scruggs Automotive.

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THA 091: Workshop – Service Adviser Roleplay – Part 2

Service Adviser Role Play Part 2

Again this team digs deep to help aftermarket professionals learn more about the service advisor position. This is one of the most important and challenging jobs in the industry. The service adviser is the face of the business and is faced with building trust and strong relationships while generating profitable revenue.

Enjoy four different role plays and the ensuing discussion. Critique each role play yourself and enjoy the comments from this team. With me is Barry Barrett, Director of Training at RLO, Clint White, shop manager at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, WA and John Vasquez, Service Adviser at Los Gators Auto Service Campbell, CA.

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RR 345: Leon Martin from Auto Tech Services – The Importance of Soap-Paint and Light

The Importance of Soap-Paint-Light

Leon Martin started his shop on a 60×40 oat-field, in a community with a population no less than 2,200. He started it with pure guts and determination despite detractors that told him that he can’t do it. When Auto Tech was open in Rochester, Washington for appointments, he appealed to the emotion of his customers.

Starting a business has a lot of challenges especially on the financial side of things. Leon shares some tips on how to make a wise financial decision, getting a business coach, advocating shop cleanliness and the deeper value of customer service. He shares his cleanliness, colors and bright days and nights in Soap-Paint-Light.

He always tells his customers Maintenance is easy to schedule, breakdowns are not. His customers will nod in approval while he and his crew extract a smile and a simple ‘what can I do to make your day better’ will work wonders on any given situations.

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THA 069: Workshop – Service Advisor Roleplay – Part 1

Listen In On Four Different Roleplays of Service Advisor and Customer.

In this new Academy workshop format, learn as four different themed role plays are, played out for you. In each role play there is a customer, service advisor and an observer/coach who sums up in their own words what was great about the role play. The observer also suggests ways to improve.

The ‘actors’ are Lauren Giver, Service Advisor at Los Gatos Auto Service Campbell, CA, Barry Barrett, Director of Training at RLO and Clint White Shop Manager at Coopers Auto Repair Specialists in Tacoma, WA.

Access your own skills as a service advisor with this roleplay workshop. Owners, consider roleplays as a teaching strategy. Find the key takeaways from each role play at

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THA 020: How To Sell 250K Mile Maintenance & Save Your Customers Thousands

Customers need to see and understand the data on how they can save enormous money if they kept their car for 12 years.

We keep our largest investment for many years so why not our cars. This panel had a great discussion on the pros of helping your customer extend the life of their vehicles. The numbers are key and when you can show the ROI or savings to your customer they start to understand.

We know the benefits so it is your job to engage and show the customer how you can help extend the life of their vehicle and engage them in a disciplined maintenance program at your shop.

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