Father Daughter Teams [THA 259]

Key Talking Points

  • Thoughts that daughters bring to the table- being an employee, not a ‘favorite,’ earn respect from peers (testing period), don’t be reactionary
  • Learning to keep the status quo of the business and community while continuing to make improvements and grow
  • Pop By Marketing- popcorn and coupon to local businesses
  • Role definition prior to transition
  • Transitional period and length- be prepared
  • Encouraging respect
  • Making the business your own- bringing a different perspective
  • Transitioning daughter to be the face of the business- 60% of repairs are purchased by females
  • Fluid trust- with customers and between father/daughter team, trusting employees to decide
  • Be open to asking questions and have thick skin
  • Lauren attended peer group meeting with her father which opened her perspective and realized she wanted to join the industry
  • Be a learner. Everything is figure-out-able!

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The Panel

Ashlan Kaplan, General Manager, Cannon Auto Repair, Cannon Falls, MN. Ashlan is Rich’s daughter and has been around the shop since she was a kid. She enjoys continuing to learn all about the automotive business and looks forward to helping it grow and serve our local community for years to come! Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband, two kids: Lincoln and Sophie and two fur babies Simba and Nala. Listen to Ashlan’s previous episodes HERE

Rich Udenberg, Owner, Cannon Auto Repair, Cannon Falls, MN.  Rich Udenberg brings 45 years of experience to the trade and our service personnel has over 45 years of experience in the industry.

Lauren Anderson, Executive Assistant, Victory Auto Service, 9 Locations, MN. Listen to Lauren’s previous episodes HERE

Jeff Matt, Owner, Victory Auto Service, 9 Locations, MN. Jeff founded Victory Auto Service & Glass with a commitment to providing exceptional service to those in need of automotive repair and maintenance. Growing up in Minnesota, Jeff worked as an automotive technician before opening Victory Auto Service & Glass. Jeff had always dreamed of opening a shop where the customer always felt cared for, never felt taken advantage of, and always received the highest quality service at the best price. Victory Auto Service & Glass first opened our doors in 1997 with a small, one-bay shop in Spring Lake Park. We have been growing ever since, thanks to our loyal and supportive customers like you. Listen to Jeff’s previous episodes HERE


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