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Automotive Student Must Listen

THA 009: ASE Value Proposition -Consumer -Shop Owner -Technician

RR 230: Technician Round Table Part 2 -Heipp – Landry -Fanslow

RR 225: Jose Gonzalez – Educator

RR 220: Barry Barrett & Tom Ziglar

RR 218: Rick Escalambre, Educator – Trainer

RR 206: Technician Round Table -Heipp – Landry -Fanslow

RR 193: Kirk Richardson from South Street Auto Care

RR 192: Eric Ziegler – E-Z Diagnostic Solutions and Trainer

RR 184: Tim Dwyer Automotive Education Specialist at Consulab

RR 183: Michele Winn, Diagnostician at Beck Service Center

RR 182: Bobby Bassett on Cooling System Comebacks

RR 176: Jennifer Maher from TechForce Discussing a Solution to the Technician Shortage

RR 174: All Women Panel from Pittsburg State Univ-Seniors in Automotive Technology

RR 168: Bob Heipp – Mobile Diagnostician

RR 164: Scott Norman – Skills USA & Worldskills USA

RR 152: Scott Norman Automotive Educator

RR 148: Bobby Bassett From Gates Corporation

RR 146: Matt Fanslow – Technician Interview

RR 142: Dan Marinucci from Communique’

RR 137: John Anello from Auto Tech On Wheels

RR 134: Todd Erickson from Identifix

RR 126: John Gardner Automotive Instructor and Host of Tech Garage

RR 122: ASE Test ‘Uncovered’

RR 105: Big Event Technician Training