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THA 057: Your Profit & Loss Statement. Learn it. Love it.

RR 307: Chris Cloutier – Entrepreneurial Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur

RR 306: The Young Auto Care Network Group – YANG

THA 056: Your Ideal Customer – Defining Your Avatar

RR 305: Derek Kaufman – Joran Thompson – Living in a APP World

RR 304: The Battery Shop

THA 055: The Importance of Back Office Operations – Part 2

RR 303: Jason Soto from Mobilesoft.com

RR 302: Lisa and Kevin Eckler

THA 054: Stay Up on Social Media – Facebook Changes and your Marketing Efforts 2018

RR 301: Matt Purselle from Revolution

RR 300: 300th Retrospective: Interview with Host Carm Capriotto

THA 053: Improve Communication Between the Service Advisor & Technician

RR 299: Christopher Petersen from Northwest Automotive

RR 298: Mark Roberts from Schertz Auto Service

THA 052: Lessons I Learned When I Sold My Shop

RR 297: Jay Goninen from Find A Wrench & Find A Mechanic.com

RR 296: The Digital Shop – A Discussion | Sevart | Connor | Kleinschmidt

THA 051: First Moves When Opening a New Shop

RR 295: David Eschbach from Spirit One Group on the Service Advisor

RR 294: Jeff Buckley & Jeff Matt on Social Media

THA 050: Finding The Right Business Coach

RR 293: Brin Kline, AAM form Assured Auto Works

RR 292: Technician Round Table – Part 4 – Heipp – Landry – Fanslow – Meyers

THA 049: How to Sell Diagnostics

RR 291: Bambi Crozier from Car Clinic and ASOG

RR 290: Al Haberstroh and Robert Cannon

THA 048: Grow Your Fleet Business | AMi Credit

RR 289: Tony Adams from Weavers Auto Center

RR 288: Jorge Antico from eAutoClub.com

THA 047: Twenty-One TIPS to Get an Edge on the Competition – Part 2

RR 287: Bill Haas – Millennials – How to Lead and Engage This Generation

RR 286: Robert ‘Dutch’ Silverstein from A & M Auto Service

THA 046: Revving Up Your Business Culture | AMi Credit

RR 285: Ryan Blair – Blair Automotive

RR 284: Women In Auto Care Honorees

THA 045: Installing Customers Parts – A Discussion | AMi Credit

RR 283: Bob Rodriguez – Legacy Industry Trainer

RR 282: Jennifer Maher from TechForce – Technician Shortage – Solution Update

THA 044: The Importance of Back Office Operations – Part 1

RR 281: Auto Care Impact Award- Four For The Future 2017

RR 280: Eric Svedberg and Rex Cate from Automotive Specialists

THA 043: Book Club – Favorite Books That Have Made Me A Better Leader/CEO

RR 279: Wheat Ridge High School STEM Program – Auto Shop on Steroids

RR 278: Emerging Technology – How Will the Aftermarket Prepare – Service EDU @ AAPEX17

THA 042: Impacting a Difference For Those Struggling For Success

RR 277: Andy Bizub from Midwest Performance Cars

RR 276: SPARK 2017 at AAPEX

THA 041: The Value of Knowing Your Customers Observable Behavior (DISC) | AMi Credit

RR 275: Chris Chesney – Sr. Director Customer Training – Carquest Technical Institute