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RR 174: All Women Panel from Pittsburg State Univ-Seniors in Automotive Technology

RR 173: Nick Modesti from Modesti’s Car Care Center

RR 172: Giuliano Zuccato, Clay Sculptor – 1964 Mustang

RR 171: Robert Noriega from Autoworks Tampa

RR 170: Jude Larson, JML Real Solutions

RR 169: Seth Thorson from Eurotech Auto Repair

RR 168: Bob Heipp – Mobile Diagnostician

RR 167: Eric Svedberg from Automotive Specialists

RR 166: Jim Cathcart from the Cathcart Institute

RR 165: Mark Goldsmith from Mark’s Independent Service

RR 164: Scott Norman – Skills USA & Worldskills USA

RR 163: Frank Scandura from Frank’s European

RR 162: Rodger Bland, GEARS Magazine Editor

RR 161: John Miller from Freedom Automotive

RR 160: Ray Fisher from ASA Michigan

RR 159: Jason Malo form Advanced Automotive Performance

RR 158: Tom Meyers

RR 157: Jason Hladyniuk from Oxford Tire and Auto Centre

RR 156: Kathleen Long from Repair Pal

RR 155: Social Media Strategy with Greg Buckley & Frank Leutz

RR 154: Ray Kunz from ACT

RR 153: Doug Callaghan from Vic’s Service Centre

RR 152: Scott Norman Automotive Educator

RR 151: Gary Keyes from E & M Motors

RR 150: Murray Voth – Freedom Consulting & Training

RR 149: Carolyn Coquillette from Luscious Garage

RR 148: Bobby Bassett From Gates Corporation

RR 147: Jacquie Walter Hower from Zimmerman’s Automotive

RR 146: Matt Fanslow – Technician Interview

RR 145: Dennis Montalbano from German Auto Repair

RR 144: John Passante – High Touch Leadership in a High Tech World

RR 143: Kevin Donohoe from Pacific Motor Service

RR 142: Dan Marinucci from Communique’

RR 141: Scott Waddle of Precision Auto Service

RR 140: Maylan Newton – Catastrophic Failure of Me

RR 139: Jeff Buckley from My Fathers Shop

RR 138: James Snider from Auto Tech Career.com

RR 137: John Anello from Auto Tech On Wheels

RR 136: Dave Erb from Hire Frederick

RR 135: Garry Plimmer from Garry’s Automotive

RR 134: Todd Erickson from Identifix

RR 133: TJ Reilly from Same Day Auto Service

RR 132: Auto Care – Industry Job Board

RR 131: Don Smith from Elite Electronics

RR 130: Barry Barrett from RLO

RR 129: Jerry Holcom from S & S Service

RR 128: Joel Ayers of the Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation

RR 127: Dave Kusa of Autotrend Diagnostics

RR 126: John Gardner Automotive Instructor and Host of Tech Garage

RR 125: Succession Planning Round-Table